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Worldwide SA's recommendation!

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  1. Did you get a recommendation on SA for your question? I am going to Madrid soon. Appreciate if you can share SA info. Thanks.
  2. Did you get a recommendation? Or can you recommend someone in both locations? Thanks.
  3. In Switzerland, highly recommend Linsi at the Zurich store. In Basel, George is helpful but it's a smaller store. The Lugano store is great but I haven't worked with any one SA in particular.
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  4. Can you please PM me her info? Thank you so much! ❤️
  5. For info I had a superb experience with Maelis in LV Bon Marché in Paris.

    She was dealing with 2 customers and me alternatively, trying to optimize one customer pondering time to attend another customer, and go back to the previous one after...
    In the end she dealt with the 2 customers and me very efficiently, between one lady in a hurry that knew what she wanted, a Chinese couple that wanted to take their time and me.
    She was not stressed at all, always smiling and happy to listen to your demands.
    She made sure to explain everything regarding VAT process to the Chinese couple in front of me and also advising them to take the loyalty card of Le Bon Marché and purchase in 2 times as they would get -10% on the whole amount of their shopping the next day with their « loyalty privilege day »

    I’ve never seen an SA give these discount tips to foreign customers which is really a shame as they could also benefit from tips only locals know about. I was impressed !
    She definitely was not blazé of her job.

    Also I was looking for a scarf that was supposed to be in stock there according to the website (only 1 left), but nowhere to be found.
    She searched the whole boutique for me and found it in the end !
    As it was too washed and cotton I turned it down and she kept very professional and smiling, which is normal don’t get me wrong, but with all the stress of dealing with us 3 customers and the effort she put in, she could have not reacted well not to conclude the sale.
    Anyway thanks to her I didn’t wait long despite the boutique being busy and observing her from afar, gave me the impression the other SA were so lazy :biggrin:

    So after I mentioned to her how impressed I was with her keeping her cool and being so happy and smiling, she gave me her contact if you are interessed.

    The only downside (that also explains her « refreshing » attitude) is that she is only employed there for the summer season as she is a student.
    So she will be working at LV till end of September only.

    Sorry for this long post, I thought I should mention what makes this SA special and why I want to recommend her :smile:
  6. Good morning everyone. Does anyone have a SA recommendation for the Louis Vuitton store in Tyson’s Corner, VA? Sadly, my go to SA is no longer there.

  7. I need a an SA at Heatheow airport. My husband will be flying through Heathrow on the way home to the US and I want him to pick me up something. Do you guys have one I can contact?
  8. I'm sorry, I didn't but found the SAs in Madrid at El Corte Ingles to be super friendly and helpful!
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  9. Hi everyone! I'm looking for an SA in London (preferably Harrods/Selfridges/Bond st./Heathrow) to help me track down a toiletry 19 (if that's even possible). Thanks!
  10. Looking for a SA in Paris! Please let me know!
  11. Hello any SA reco for LV in Macy's Herald Square? Thanks
  12. I'm looking at the DA Speedy 25 (possibly the Speedy B) as my next bag and want to know if it would be a good idea to reach out to a SA prior to my trip to ensure they'll have one available for me to view? I'm visiting Ireland and Scotland in October and am planning to make a stop at LV. Does anyone have any SA recommendations?
  13. Anyone have a recommendation for an SA at The Domain in Austin? Just moved to the area and excited to have a local LV store nearby. I'd love to develop a relationship with an SA who can be helpful as I move into more Limited Edition or harder to find pieces.
  14. I live in Australia just saw toiletry 19 available online last week. So I think they are around atm. Call the online store or go by actual stores and check! I just got mine. It’s made in Spain though...
  15. Looking to build a relationship with an SA in. Houston. Does anyone have a name? Thank you all!