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Worldwide SA's recommendation!

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  1. Did you get a card, if you have a cell can you pm her number!
  2. Hi all, there is a bag I want from this store but of course I can’t reach it. Does anyone have a good SA’s contact info who works there?

  3. Any CA that is text-able in Bev hills rodeo or Costa Mesa south coast plaza?
  4. sending a msg to you!
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  5. Would love a Bloomingdales SA contact, no state preference!!!! I have a purchase history with the online site.
  6. Hello!

    Does anyone have a good SA at the King of Prussia mall LV store they could put me in touch with?

  7. Long shot, but does anyone know of where Sue from Banff Louis Vuitton may have gone? For awhile she was working in the Calgary Holt Renfrew location, but I haven't seen her for sometime. Wondering where she might have gone...

    Alternatively, if you have a recommendation of a SA in Calgary, please let me know!
  8. I used to live in Charlotte. Ever time I went in there were new people....

    I finally went in to look at stuff but started having another location ship me the items... unless I had to buy there.
  9. Hiii All,

    Does anyone happen to have the contact info for David in Saks LV, Troy Michigan or Dzmitry in Saks LV 5th Ave in NYC? I spoke to and ordered things from both of them this weekend (haven't gotten the items yet) and want to order something else... but I do not have their business cards yet to contact them. Or, if you have any other Saks LV SA's numbers you would be willing to share - please DM me. I am trying to order the Felicie chain...

    Thank you so much :smile:
  10. Hi there! My current SA is out for several weeks due to surgery, Ian looking for an item and of course online it says "call for availability" I did a USA search and found the the 5th ave store has it. Can anyone recommend an SA in the 5th avenue store to help me? Feel free to message me privately if that works for you.

  11. Hello! I am looking for an SA at the South Coast Plaza LV (freestanding, not inside bloomingdales)! I have been trying to reach the store since they have an item I am looking for and have had no luck :sad: Please DM me!
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  12. PMed you :amuse: hope you get what you’re looking for
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  13. Can anyone share the contact info for a SA at Rodeo Drive? They have an item I've been stalking. Thanks!
  14. Pavlina! She’s well-known on Instagram. DM me if you want her contact info!
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  15. Sent you a DM - thanks so much :smile: