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Will you buy a Louis Vuitton with your stimulus check?

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  1. I have never purchased a designer handbag. I have always dedicated extra money towards my home. I think I may purchase the monogram petite Noe when I get the stimulus check that we are supposed to get. Are you ladies or men saving your stimulus or buying a designer handbag?
  2. I’m not getting one, but no, if I did I’d spend it with local businesses and restaurants.
  3. Based on the criteria, I won’t be receiving one but if I did, I would never feel right using it to put towards a frivolous item. A stimulus check, in my mind, is to help people stay afloat or bridge a gap in income - NOT for luxury items. As @mrsinsyder mentioned, it would be going to the small businesses that need it more than ever to get back on their feet.
  4. Agreed with mrsinsyder and LuxuryLvr. I won't be qualified but will be sure to support my favorite local businesses once our lives return to normalcy.
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    I agree with the others. That money is not for frivolous luxury goods. I also think that it is really tone-deaf and tacky to be considering making a purchase with aid money. I couldn't purchase a luxury item using money that was meant to aid me during a financial crisis.
  6. Given that this money comes from the taxes I pay and the governmental debt we are leaving to our children, it feels plainly indecent to talk about spending that money on Louis Vuitton...
  7. I totally agree with the comments above. If you don’t need the stimulus check why not save it, give to someone in need, or use in your local community. Now is not the time for frivolous spending. And posting about buying a purse with the check while people are suffering is incomprehensible!
  8. Nope. Pay a bill.
  9. Oh my god this is extremely tone deaf and not to mention tacky.

    I am SURE there are plenty of small businesses in your community right now who would adore you for spending some of that money with them.
  10. So tacky...I can’t believe it. I live in Canada so not getting a cheque but follow American news. Are you seriously asking this question - the reason for the stimulus is to help the shutdown economy because we want to prevent people from dying!!!

    Wow. Just wow.
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  12. How about supporting a local consignment store and buy a preloved bag? That way you are helping a local business and a consignor at least.
  13. I can’t believe there a thread for this...you know what ever happen to where these stimulus check were to be used, majority will be spending it on stuff that isn’t essential anyways.
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  14. ...this is appalling. I don’t think my family qualifies for a stimulus check. However, even if we did, if it was used on anything other than bills, it would be used to support local businesses and restaurants in my area that are being damaged with being shut down.
  15. My family won’t be qualifying for a stimulus check, either, but if we did the answer would be a hard no. Others on this thread have adequately expressed why, so I won’t pile on.
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