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Will the heat from the heater destroy my bag?

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  1. hey!
    Will the heat from the heater destroy my bag? I live in Norway, and it is getting really cold here, so I’m
    Using the heater. It is from 0-10, I have the heater on 2. Will this destroy my Chanel classic flap bag in caviar leather?
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  2. Just don't put the bag ON the heater or in front of it. As long as the heater is on the wall and you just put your bag on a table or something, it should do no harm.
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  3. Hi ladies, I had to answer.
    I had absentmindedly placed a Bottega bag on my underfloor heating vent for a night.
    I had forgotten I was in an Australian winter, not back in tropical Singapore.
    Here's the results (fixed by the pros).
    All the best! And steer clear!

  4. Don’t put it on or extremely near the heat source , but otherwise it’s fine!
  5. I think it goes without saying putting leather goods or expensive items in extreme temps is not good. Not near the heat or air source. . . away from it in a relatively normal temp controlled environment is ideal.
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