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Will the heat destroy my Chanel bag?

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  1. so i have two Chanel classic flap bags in caviar leather (beige and black colour). My SA told me to not have them out in the heat. I live in Norway and in the summer here the temperature is around 20-30 degrees, and I do not often have the window open because my cat always tries to jump outside. My bags are stored in the original packing. Also in the dust bag and box, will this harm my bags?:-/
  2. Your bags will be fine. Summer is quite short in the Nordic countires after all.
  3. I carry mine in TX heat, it's 100+ F in the summer!
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  4. My LV CA advised to never leave a bag in the box as it may develop mildew.
  5. U should not keep them in the dustbag and in the box over a prolonged period of time. I kept mine in the box for 6 months and it there was mould growing on the leather. Take them out and allow them to breathe.
  6. I think it depends on where you live (climate, humidity levels) and your house or apartment's temperature/environment.

    There are several threads that discuss this and there are different ways of storage that have worked for people. I had an SA from NJ tell me she keeps most of her bags in the boxes and one from Miami tell me she never stores in boxes.
  7. I live in Norway, a very cold country. I always store my bags in dustbag and then in the box. The beige one i bought in 2017 is still fine, but should i worry?

  8. What? Im so sorry to hear this, where do you live and what did you do after that? I always keep mine in the dust bag and then in the boxes, I live in Norway. The warmest it can get here is like 35 degrees, but it never happens, we always stay on 28-30 degrees. And in winter we have -15 up to -20
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