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Which mini rectangular should I chose?

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  1. Ladies, I need your input. I am planning to buy a mini rectangular Chanel flap soon. Was debating between the medium one and the mini rectangular but I feel the mini rectangular is more for my lifestyle and it looks better on me I think plus I love the crossbody option.
    I already have a Chanel Jumbo in Black Caviar SHW. Which mini rectangular would you get? The black, beige or pink? And also GHW or SHW, Caviar or Lambskin? Thank you! Its a big purchase for me that's why I am trying to make a right decision. Also I might get the medium flap later on as well.
  2. Such a hard decision! All beautiful! Sounds like you like both the medium and mini. Maybe get one in caviar and one in lambskin? I always go for black in Chanel. I go for colors in lower prices bags—I’m fearful of color transfer! But many others love colors! Go with what makes your heart sing!
  3. I agree with you about the color transfer...I already have a small YSL bag (black color) that why I was wondering maybe I should get Chanel in a light color. Is a caviar leather less prone to color transfer?
  4. I have the same jumbo and if I was to get the mini I was going for caviar black with gold. If I did a color I would have loved beige but as a crossbody I would be afraid of color transfer so then I would prob get a navy or red if I wanted something other then black
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  5. I have both a black and a tan mini in caviar! I love the black for the winters in NYC and the beige for spring - fall. I am not as concerned with the color transfer as this time of year I gravitate more towards white jeans when I wear it or some lighter colored dresses! I also have other classes M/L and jumbo in the blacks and beige claire and havent had any issues! But honestly each size serves their own purpose for my lifestyle! Minis are for when I want to be hands free, M/L is perfect for dinners/ brunches/ events as well as small trips to the store. the Jumbo is more when i'm going to be out for a while and need to carry a little more. I also use the Jumbo for lunches etc.

    First and foremost you need to decide what you want to use it for! My next chanel I know I want is a pop of color (hopefully red)
  6. Thank you ladies for all the recommendations. I am always on the go and would probably wear mini crossbody and would use it often during the day. I really love the nude/beige color and probably caviar is more practical since I will use it quite often but also I don't want to be stressed about the color transfer....maybe black with gold hardware then.....they are all so pretty!!