Which Longchamp Are You Carrying Today?


Sep 26, 2017
Glad this style is working out so well for you. I love my Etoiles version. If it requires repairs in future due to zipper issues or snap button cracking, there is an option for you to send it to LC for repairs. Not that these will wear out. LC bags are pretty hardy and take wear well. So just saying there is still a repair option should it be necesary in future.
This style also comes in the Neo line and a new LGP blue/black combi came out for FW20. Looks like this style will stay for a while.
Thank you! Yep I'm quite surprised I took a liking to this style. My concern is mostly about the handle, it's starting to get sticky after a while, and I'm not particularly sure about the repair here hopefully IF it wears out the stores could take it

Yes, I just saw the neo version on the site! Hopefully they're here to stay
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Oct 1, 2008
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Brought out my trusty LGP clutch to the groceries run today. I just realized out of all zippered closure bags/clutches that I have, this is the best one! Have tried all of my crossbody bags during these times, and I found all of them just didn't feel right :sad:
I'm now afraid I'm getting it overworked and couldn't get replacement once it's worn out
is this the same material as the club bags? I kinda like it! Very cool...
Jun 5, 2007
Lol...that’s what happens once get your first LC. You start wanting them in every color! im the same, the colors are sooooo addictive! I think they do colors very well!
I know! I have several Le Pliage nylon bags, and now have 3 leather bags. They are such a good price point too. I have been lusting after an Hermes Mini Lindy or TPM Evelyne, but I think I'm more than happy with this little cutie.
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