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Which Chanel bags do you recommend buying in-store vs. pre-loved?

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  1. I have a few bags currently on my wish list:

    - Classic flap with caviar and shw
    - Reissue 225 (either with ruthenium or so black)
    - Gabby backpack
    - Tweed or crocheted flap bag
    - Possibly PVC flap bag
    - Mini in metallic silver
    - Maybe small Trendy CC

    Do you have any thoughts on which bags are better to buy new in a boutique and which ones are better to buy pre-loved?

    One perk I’ve noticed about buying in-store is that I can look at several bags and choose my favorite. And I notice that each bag tends to look very different — the quilting, leather, condition, etc! Are there any bags that are more consistent (and therefore easier to purchase pre-loved online?).

    I appreciate any of your thoughts! :smile:
  2. Classic Flaps I‘d not buy brand new because prices are just too high and pre-loved market has a lot of classic flaps to offer for a good price.

    The PVC bag if you want one (which I don‘t recommend at all), I‘d go pre loved because it doesn‘t hold its value.

    Also Mini Flap depends, if you find one in the boutique, get it brand new. On the Mini the price on the pre-loved market is usually a lot higher because they‘re super popular and hard to get!
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  3. That is SO helpful, thank you!! I didn't know that about minis. Thank you!
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  4. You‘re welcome :smile: Yeah, especially neutral colour like black, grey, etc. are quite expensive on the pre loved market
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  5. I agree with all of this 100%. Prices for classic flaps are ridiculous and you can get "excellent condition" bags pre-loved if you are careful and picky! And I can't believe the mark up on mini flaps. Insanity!
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