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Which bracelet next?

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  1. Hi!

    I recently added the VCA bracelet and stack all 3 occasionally. I want to add another Love bracelet to add to the stack or wear it with my plain love.

    i was sure I want the YG 4 diamonds but sometimes I think something else could be more interesting?

    I am still not really into the thin love..

    Do you think the YG 4 diamonds will add to my stack or is it just going to blend in..

    I like to mid and match every day and stack with other bracelets so this is not the only stack I go for..

    I would appreciate your opinions!

    Thank you!

  2. With your current stack, I could see the VCA Vintage Alhambra 5-motif in MOP with YG working well.

    Otherwise, if you go for another Love bracelet, WG with diamonds (4/10/pave) or a tennis bracelet would look nice.
  3. Thank you for chiming in!

    both of the options you mentioned are on my mind!
    So you do agree that another Love (4 diamonds) wouldn’t add much to the stack?
  4. I think the four diamond would blend in. I would opt for the 10 diamond, if that's an option. That would really add a special something here IMO.
  5. i see what you mean.. i might consider that as well.. so torn !
  6. here’s the four versus ten side by side. The ten is a stunner by comparison!

    Attached Files:

  7. stunning!!!!!!

    i love the 10 diamonds.. I’m just not sure i can let go of the screw motif though :biggrin:

    i am thinking I’d love to have the screw motif whenever I’d like to wear it on it’s own or stacked with my other bracelets (without the plain YG)..
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  8. I realize you said you don’t like the small love, but I do think the small love with alternating diamonds would look best with your current stack.
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  9. I totally see what you mean and must agree with you.. it’s just that something is telling me that I’ll regret later not getting the classic size (I am a very safe person .. no adventure lol) plus I feel the small is a perfect stacking piece which is not exactly what I want.. as I mentioned I’m not planning to wear all my bracelets together.. I want my next love to be stunning and present on its own or with minimum stacking!
    I basically plan to wear the 2 loves daily and mix and match with others (i have some cord bracelets and vca sweets that i love to stack on casual days)
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  10. My next vote would be a regular YG love with alternating diamonds (4-diamond) then.
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  11. I guess I have plenty of time to decide until stores re-open!
  12. It's funny - my SA sent me a text today to tell me that I could still just shoot him a text to tell him what I want, if anything, and they can courier it to me in-home. So I mean... I guess you don't have to wait. Shrug.
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  13. You can order online and they will mail it
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  14. Lucky you! I’m not US based and this option isn’t available here yet.. they might consider it if things took longer though so I’ll wait and see..

    I am positive that I want the 4 diamond one.. I mean.. I can’t not have the screws lol

  15. Does anyone have 2 YG ones one plain and one with 4 diamonds and can post photo of them stacked? :biggrin: