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Which bag should I sell?

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  1. I’ve been thinking about getting a speedyB 25 in DE, but i should probably get rid of 1 before I bring in another. I have several small bags which haven’t gotten much use, so it makes sense to sell one of those.

    Should I sell the Favorite pm in DA, favorite PM in DE, PA in DA? All are in great condition..
  2. Sell the one that sparks the least amount of joy.
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  3. Favorite DA....DE feels more classic to me
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  4. I think that’s where I’m having a problem choosing. They are such similar bags that they all on the same level for me.
  5. Sell the favorite DA because you have the similar size PA DA & a DE favorite.
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  6. I’d sell the favorite in da.
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  7. Personally I would sell your DA Favorite since you already have a DA PA.
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