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WHERE TO: Repair, Restore, Reunvinate your Chloe

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  1. Well it looks like noone has gotten a bag fixed through NM....so wish me luck!! I guess since my paddy was bought at NM they would have to replace it if they were to mess anything up (at least I hope they would!!).
  2. good luck and fingers crossed! let us know when youve got it back!
  3. I have a paddy with a damaged zipper. It seems to be stuck and I can't zip and unzip all the way. Where is a good place to take this for repairs?
  4. merged
  5. Ok....I seriously miss my bag...and the strap for Edith would have been really nice the other day!! When the heck are they going to be done!?!:cursing:
  6. I dont think I am going to be buying much of Chloe---the quality of service and workmanship of my much beloved Paddington is a bit poor, especially for the price. :crybaby:
    The same is true for Edith and Tracy, both have had colors fade away within a year to two (despite minimal usage). I am surprised that even when smaller brands like Coach repair/exchange their products, a more expensive label like Chloe wont !:sad:
  7. I sold my Chloe paddington on ebay.. I posted this in the ebay forums but felt that it would be more helpful to post it here for all the Chloe experts. It was completely fine when I shipped it out and it looks like the part broke during delivery.

    Here is a picture the buyer sent me

    Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this? Chloe is saying I can only get it fixed if I brought it to the department store I purchased it from, because I bought this off ebay myself.. this is no help. Anyone know where else I can tell the buyer to get this fixed?? Please help me!!! THANKS!
  8. if you insured it, then take it up with the post office.
  9. ANy other ways?
    Perhaps a leather store that can reattach it with strong glue or osmething?
  10. Could you try like a hardware type store, they might be able to glue or weld it? Like a shoe repair type shop? Anything like that around?
  11. It shouldn't be too hard to solder but it might be a bit obvious - it would depend how skilled the repairer was.

    Are you sure your buyer isn't scamming you into taking her old broken one and keeping your unbroken one?
    Was it insured?
  12. Yes the bag was insured. I have spoken to her over the phone before.. I just didn't get that vibe.. although I have no idea how the bag could have gotten that way.

    So the best way to get it put back together would be to take it to a shoe repair shop?? Who else would be able to solder it??

  13. I think your best bet for a really good soldering job might be someone who works with electronics or jewelry - they're used to doing tiny work so they might be able to do a neater job. Don't know how you'd convince them to work on a handbag though - maybe you could use your feminine wiles......
  14. Actually I think your best route is to turn this in for the insurance to the post-office. It is possible she is scamming you and keeping the unbroken one, but either way at least this way you'd get your money back.