What Was Your Last purchase?


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Apr 4, 2020
Fresh milk, breads, fruits & vegetable are bought daily.

Noodles, soups, breakfast cereals, biscuits,.chocolates, cheese, butter are bought weekly.

Energy powder like bournvita/horlicks, soaps,detergent consumers buy on monthly/once in 2 to 3 months as it will last up to 3 months depending on the family size. Cosmetics, Deo, , toothpaste, hair oil, bought online shorts for ladies from lil peep jean jacket depending upon the consumption rate but these are again essential products without which people cant live for longer.

Categories like durables - fridge, wash machine, microwave, cooler etc have longer life are bought once in 5 years.


Jan 20, 2009
Had to go buy a stove because ours broke and dh and I ended up buying matching fridge and dishwasher. We had upgraded counter prior to the pandemic and then put everything on the back burner. But Wednesday morning stove just and oven were done so we had no choice but to go to Home Depot. Sale association was wonderful with us but it was not the way I had envisioned shopping for new kitchen appliances.


May 7, 2015
Austin, TX
Frivolous purchase? Not luxe but I bought a Kendra Scott ring using my son's bday discount.
Practical: The IL's needed supplies so I went to the store yesterday for them. Also stocked up on all the junk food. Also, offered to buy groceries for my neighbors. Trying to help prevent as many people from having to go to the store. My max is three households though because that's all I can fit in my car.
Utilitarian: We bought a chest freezer for the IL's when this all went crazy because the freezer on the french door fridge is tiny and they would not have been able to store 2 weeks of stuff in it.
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Aug 31, 2009
Wherever there's shopping!
Today (the necessities): replenished some of the essential items that were purchased 3 weeks ago such as meats, produce, canned items, dairy products, juices, baking goods, chips, crackers, vitamins, prescriptions, and toiletries.

I work from home, and my plan is to only go out to the grocery store every 2-3 weeks.

Last luxury item purchased was online, during first week of February: 2 YSL bags
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Sep 18, 2016
Since the shelter in place?

bala bangles, 1/2 pounds, in rose gold—preordered 1 pounds in bone and sand.

some groceries/household goods, like Milano cookies, Black Forest gummy bears, laundry pods, Bubbly sparkling sodas in Hawaiian, cheez balls, jalapeño chips, hot Cheetos, pistachios, green tea, etc.

quilt and candles from anthro.

on the hunt for Nintendo switch in coral.
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Lake Effect

Feb 25, 2017
The Garden State
I just purchased a long denim jacket, maybe just past my hips, by Chico’s, on eBay this morning. I am really feeling it for a longer denim jacket. I missed out on them in store/ online at the end of the summer when they were on sale; they were out of my size. Now they have them, but I have been losing some weight, and combined with WFH and sheltering in place, I may not get to wear it much until the fall if I buy it now. And if I am successful in continuing to drop another size by next fall . . .
So I was looking at denim jackets again on eBay, mostly to look at the cute designs, see what I might like to put on a wish list, and my I see the long denim jacket, NWT , in my size and my offer for $28 plus shipping was accepted! At that price, it can be consigned or donated at a later date and I can enjoy it now. If only out for groceries.
Lol now I can stop surfing denim jackets online.


Feb 7, 2016
Searching the Canadian sites as I can't pick up any bags in the US. Not nearly as much selection...went yesterday to pick up some baked goods curb-side from one of our local coffee shop/restaurants and a much-needed latte. #supportlocal
I’m craving a real latte!
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