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What size Le Pliage to “raincoat” your LV?

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  1. I’ve heard some of you mention keeping a folded up Longchamp Le Pliage inside your LV bags to put your LV in if you get caught in the rain. I’m wondering what size Le Pliage you use for which LV bags? I’m looking at getting a Neverfull MM, Speedy 30, and/or Artsy in the near future and I’d like to get a Le Pliage to use as a raincoat. (I also like the Le Pliage just for itself and might use it as a travel bag sometimes as well, but I want to make sure I get a big enough LP to act as a raincoat for my LV, too.)

    Thanks! [emoji4]
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  3. Not sure on all those, but my Speedy B 25 fits in my large LePliage long handled tote. I’m sure 30 would too
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  4. Thank you! I’m looking at the large tote (I love the birdcage one!) and the large travel bag. I feel like the large tote might be too small if I go with a NF or Artsy, but good to know that it would fit a Speedy 30!
  5. I’m a bit less optimistic the Speedy 30 will fit in the large Le Pliage Tote unless you’re planning to squish it in there. Here’s my vintage Epi Speedy 30 with my tote. The Epi is pretty rigid, so YMMV with canvas.

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  6. The epi speedy 30 is sized more like a canvas 35 right? Also the canvas speedy would be more pliable.
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  7. Ahh, I see. It does look like you’d have to really squish it in there. The Speedy 30 I’m looking at will be canvas (probably mono), so it might be squishy enough to fit. But I don’t want to damage it of course, and I’m thinking the large LP will definitely be too small for a NF MM or an Artsy. So maybe I should go with the large travel bag instead? I think you can get those customized on the Longchamp website (kinda like LV’s mon mono) which is cool.
  8. The large Le Pliage will not fit the NF MM and definitely not the Artsy. They actually sell handbag raincoats [emoji23] that come in different sizes.
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  9. I’ve seen those lil raincoats! So cute! [emoji23]

    But they all seem to have a hole at the top where your handles stick out? That makes me afraid for my vachetta! LOL!
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  10. Lol [emoji23] Yes, I have them for the longest time and have not used them yet. I ordered them from Nordstrom’s in multiple sizes but I think you are correct about the hole for the handles [emoji52]
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  11. My speedy 30 fits in a large longchamp but I use envirosax type bags instead of longchamp. Lighter and takes up less space in the bag. Don’t have an artsy but my neverfull mm fits in the envirosax.
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  12. I fit my NF MM’s in the xlarge one
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  13. FE44577B-42DC-4B15-8E38-0CD8AFAD4968.jpeg
    It’s great for protecting my bag on the airplane
  14. Awesome! Is this the large travel bag or the XL travel bag? I didn’t see an XL tote on the Longchamp website.
  15. This is the XL size
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