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What powerhouse perfume from the 80's would you wear today?

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  1. Vanderbilt!, I loved it back then.

  2. I still wear this today! Get so many compliments on it!
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  3. I wore Must de Cartier in college (89). It was great getting dressed. Then later on after all the alcohol mixed with cigarette smoke clinging to you from the bar, it made me want to throw up, and it hung around until the next morning. It was like a gross cloud following you as you did the Walk of Shame.
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  4. Lol me too, but it was earlier in the 80s!!
    Must de Cartier really remains a wonderful scent and it brings me right back to a great moment in time..
    Ps. What a great descriptive! Spot-on!

  5. It still is a very lovely fragrance .. Glad you enjoy it... It's kinda nice to have something from the past
    that works it the world we live in today with so many different fragrances in the marketplace
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  6. Norell is also a scent that brings me back to the time frame under discussion as well as Galanos
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    Not necessarily a powerhouse per se, but Elsa Peretti & Paloma Picasso have distinctive scents
    I also remember Picasso's Rouge lipstick that was pretty as well as Dali's.
    Quadrille & Anouska Hempel come to mind as well
  8. Basile
  9. My mom used to wear Halston. The original. In the brown glass "sculpture".
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  10. o.66527.gif
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  11. I love Norell! Wore it as one of my signature scents for awhile!
  12. Not 80’s more like early 90’s Gio by Georgio Armani, I loved that perfume!!
  13. Calandre by Paco Rabanne. (Altho it may go back further than that, I think it’s from around ‘75 or so).
  14. I typically wear Calyx (by Estee Lauder) every day- it came out in 1985-86! It was hard to find for a while but now you can get it at Macy's at the Clinique counter. Also, the original Coach signature - not the one they have out now -- I have to get that one from ebay or perfume websites. Most perfumes give me migraines.:sad:
  15. In the 80s I mainly wore Chanel Coco eau de parfum and had a quick dabble with Paloma Picasso and also Salvador Dali. I really loved Coco and would liberally douse myself daily for years and thought of it as my signature scent. 30+ years later I bought the parfum and although I still love it, I don't wear it a lot and reach for more brighter and lighter scents now - let it never be said that I don't support the perfume industry!