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What HG brand name earrings would you purchase for 15k?

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  1. This purchase is in the early works right now.
    However, I enjoy the dreaming process :smile:
    I'm curious what my fellow tPFers would consider a HG piece that would stand the test of time.

    I'm leaning towards a classic pair of VCA vintage alhambra diamond earrings. Or the Perlee hoops.
    I find VCA holds their value the best! I had also considered the Tiffany Victoria in large size. I don't know about Cartier etc

    I'm definitely open to suggestions :smile:
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  2. Excellent quality Diamond solitaire earrings.
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  3. i second this. a pair of nice certificated gia diamonds for me.
  4. Are you intending to sell these? If not, why does resale value matter?

    I echo others, I'd rather have nice diamond solitaire earrings made than what you've suggested.
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  5. I think VCA Vintage alhambra is a classic style and it would be desirable for many decades.
    However, I don't think diamond pave version would be my preferred model.
    I prefer the plain hammered gold version (3-4K?) for every day wear.

    Further, I agree with the posts above, quality 2-3ct diamond studs are versatile and hold value, but I found them quite boring to wear.
    I would prefer my numerous pairs of Dior tribal earrings ($500-550 each pair) to wear daily, the style made me feel joy and excitement when wear.
    I don't think any women had shown any interest at my diamond studs no matter how big or expensive they were.
    Solitaire ring is a different scenario-- I'm planning to purchase a 5ct.

    Brand name jewellery I would focus on the design, the more recognisable the better.
    Personally I would buy these two styles:
    --Cartier Love
    --VCA vintage or magic Alhambra

    However, my holy grail is not a classic style or a gemstone that holds value like diamonds.
    I'm currently in a "South Sea Pearl phrase", so my current holy grail is Paspaley Lavalier earrings and the matching necklace.
    I don't think they would hold value or timeless in style. But they would make me the happiest right now.
    Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 17.21.28.png
    Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 17.21.43.png
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  6. Yeah, I agree with others, I’m just not sure I would spend $15k on earrings. I don’t think studs are worth it and I cannot think of anything else I would spend that amount on (although I did enjoy looking just now).

    A ring is another story though... lol
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  7. I love earrings and have spent around this budget for a few pairs over the years as milestones/ rewards for myself.

    I won’t spend on brand names for the sake of investment value. Get something you love - I like Tiffany’s Victoria earrings. Or you could also get a custom pair you love. At this budget, it’d be substantial.

    I’ve gone the custom route a few times and have always ended up with a pair I love and treasure... that’s uniquely mine.

    Happy to share more details/ pics. Just PM me.
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  8. Agree with others who say no to brand name earrings and I agree on the studs suggestions. I would go with the best cut, highest color diamond solitaire studs $15k could buy. I wear my 2ctw GIA studs every day and love them to bits. They go with anything and everything and are timeless. I don't think I would pay $15k for any other earrings (except for something custom, as @Newchanel suggested), but I am also not one to change my earrings out often. GL!
  9. Thank you everyone for your wonderful suggestions!

    I didn't really think about solitaires as an option. I guess I always saw many folks on these forums lusting after van cleef or cartier, but not necessarily for solitaires. I wanted something iconic, but also something that could be dressed up and somewhat recognizable. I learned some hard lessons with my e-ring that I don't want to repeat.

    When it comes to value, I have found that diamonds themselves don't hold much value if I wanted to re-sell down the road for something else. But, Van Cleef in particular seems to hold its value better than a solid diamond would.

    You folks have given me some really interesting things to chew on now. I love the custom jewelry option. And quite frankly, at this point, I'd prefer to purchase pre-loved.

    Now, I'll be looking at some solitaires! :smile:

    And, I agree with @Newchanel regarding the Tiffany Victoria earrings. Maybe I'll get a pair of those pre-loved. I do admire the quality and uniqueness of the marquis earrings Tiffany offers.

    @honeypeach those items are absolutely stunning! I see what you mean about really unique items!
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  10. I agree with honeypeach about diamond studs. They are nice to have, but can be boring if you are into jewelry. Everyone has them and they don’t stand out or seem special, not matter how nice or expensive the diamond. If you are looking for iconic and recognizable, diamond solitaire studs are not the way to go.
  11. Graff butterfly earrings. I have a pair in sapphire and diamond.
  12. Love to see a pic, EB!
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  13. I love them too. I have the all diamond version and wore them to an event a while ago with matching ring. Would love to see yours.
  14. For me, I would choose vca vintage or frivole, Tiffany Victoria is beautiful too. Nothing wrong with studs, but I do find it very generic and yes boring. I wear mine but am collecting more stones to make into a rock band instead. I prefer earrings that have unique designs that stand out.
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  15. I agree with this.
    I have diamond studs that are about .8 ct each that I wear daily and I find them very simple. I considered getting a larger pair but I would need to go up a lot to get a larger effective. I find many woman wear fake diamond studs these days since it is very hard to tell the difference. So I went with the VCA pave frivoles and I loooooove them. I get so many compliments from random folks that do not know the brand - they are a stunning design. I plan to get the VCA pave motif next. For me I get more joy out of these designs then larger studs.
    Suggest trying a bunch of pairs on from the brands you love and picking what you love.
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