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Welcome this little beauty to the family

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  1. What do you guys think?

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  2. Cute! Love the added embellishment over the plain ones
  3. Love it!
  4. Very cute...love the extra details!
  5. Love it! It’s so cute.
  6. so cute!!
  7. so cute!!!
  8. Adorable!
  9. Cute wallet, congrats!
  10. Pretty wallet!
  11. I love it. Enjoy :smile:
  12. Thanks guys!!! Yes I feel like the embellishments bring it to a better level. I had the reg emilie wallet but exchanged it for this. And not that many people have it
  13. I drool over this wallet. Enjoy your beautiful new baby!!!
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  14. I have the Emilie in empreinte and it really is the best wallet! Not a ton of card slots, but I use one of the slots by the bigger open pocket (that fits my iPhone 8+!!) to hold extras that I need with me. Then a card holder for the rest!
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  15. Yess! I use that slot to keep my iPhone too. Love how the wallet is super lightweight too so when I’m running errands just put my iPhone in the wallet & out the door!

    Is it weird that I enjoy talking about my LVs?