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Vuitton Opens at CDG

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  1. You are allowed to bring into US $800 duty free stuff when you enter US as an American citizen. If you are with a hubby or a child, you can bring $1600 worth of stuff without declaring it. Basically each person gets $800 pass. Naturally you can bring over 10k worth of stuff back to US and not declare it. That’s up to you. But if you get caught you will be fined and after that every time you come back into US you will be checked. So whether you want to declare if you go over the limit is up to you and it’s the risk you take.
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  2. The law says you have to declare the goods if the cost exceeds the maximum allowed per person ($800). It’s easy to get through without declaring, however, if you get caught, it’s bad news. Also, one could argue that we all have a civic and moral obligation to declare!

    Declaring the goods is very easy and customs agents are usually pleasant. Every time I have declared my purchases, they have charged me the very lowest rates or simply waved me through.

    Good luck!
  3. Hello people

    A quick question to those who have managed to buy something at the LV store in CDG please.

    Please tell me what the procedure is to buy something at the LV store without paying the VAT.

    I read some previous messages here that the store will need a boarding pass for a non-EU destination and a non-EU passport. What else does the store need from me so that I don't need to pay the VAT please?

    And also, does the store check or look for any immigration (entry and exit) stamps on the non-EU passport please?

    Finally, when I go in to the store, do I need to specifically say something so that the store knows I am not paying for the VAT?

    I am due to be at CDG for a connecting flight in a couple of weeks. I have marked down a couple of items that I would like to buy there but I only have about 2 hours at T2E to connect to the next flight. So I just wanted to make sure I am 101% ready for the store without any drama or hiccups...

    Many thanks in advance! :smile:
  4. All you need is your same-day boarding pass to a non-EU destination. They will ask for it when you check out and give you the reduced price. It’s very simple and the staff does this all day long.

    Even EU citizens can enjoy VAT-free shopping at airports as long as they are traveling outside the EU zone on that day. They are technically exporting the goods.
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  5. The store is located in Hall K. Meaning K gates. If you are departing from other gates besides K, you will have to beg and plead for security to let you go through. Depending on their mood, you may be successful.
  6. Does anyone know if airfrance flight 188 to hong kong will depart from gate k?
  7. Today it departed from Terminal 2E Gate K41.
  8. That’s great hope its the same when i go in a few months :smile:
  9. Hi people,

    Can we actually call the boutique to reserve bags and SLGs before coming? Or is it more of like "stop-find-and buy" kinda thing?
  10. Yes. You can call a sa who works there to reserve bags, slg, etc. He/ she can transfer stuff from Paris. Plus side is you don’t have to deal with vat hassle. Minus side is you won’t save more by buying at cdg and less selection unless you reserve before hand.
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  11. I feel stupid but having trouble getting this - will the pricing change if you reserve a piece? Or do you just mean, either way it’s the same but you have to do VAT refund yourself if not purchasing @cdg? I have some time before I’m in France (next March) and it’s with students so I want to be prepared and fast!!
  12. It doesn't matter if you buy in Paris or at CDG. You get 12% tax back. In Paris, obviously you have more choices whereas at CDG, unless you call ahead of time, then it's luck of the draw. If you buy at CDG, there is no need to do paperwork for VAT. Obviously if you buy at Paris, you have to deal with that when you get to airport.
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  13. Got it, thank you!
  14. Can u recommend any SAs at LV CDG? I am European so I wont be able to get refund if I buy from the stores in Paris. Plus, it's a transit flight from Germany to Seoul. It's good to know that I can reserve bags and SLGs.
  15. ouch i was at terminal 1 last april...