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Vuitton Opens at CDG

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  1. From the CDG website for Terminal 2E (doesn't look recently updated):
    Bottega Veneta
    Bulgari (Hall M)
    Burberry (Hall M)
    Cartier (Hall M)
    Chanel (Hall K)
    Chloé (Hall M)
    Dior (Hall K, M)
    Ermenegildo Zegna (Hall K)
    Fendi (Hall M)
    Gucci (Hall K, M)
    Lancel (Hall K)
    Miu Miu (Hall M)
    Prada (Hall K, M)
    Ralph Lauren (Hall M)
    Salvatore Ferragamo (Hall K, Hall M)
    Swarovski (Hall K)
    Tods (Hall M)
  2. Ah yesss i saw this too but none of them shows hall L. Will have to see on the day then....
  3. Terminal 2 looks very happening than terminal 1 haha
  4. T1 is the oldest part of CDG. The architecture is pretty cool though: it’s a legendary retro building. Lots of French movies have been shot at T1!

    On the other hand, T2E LMK is brand new and most international flights leave from there.
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  5. Hello, I am wondering who can tell me a little bit the prices at this store?
    For example the leather bracelets and the neverfull bags etc?

    I am travelling through this gate in in the summer so very excited
  6. It's tax free so about 20% less than the prices you see on the French LV website.
  7. Do you have have maybe a email adress or contact person from the store?
    Because I know Gucci only give 19% off the retailprice
  8. 19% and 20% are pretty high. I think I read on another forum Saint Laurent and Hermes inside CDG only do about 12% which is the same you would get back if you had purchased outside the airport and filed at the CDG VAT refund counter. Can anyone confirm if Gucci and LV actually give you the full approx 20% VAT off inside duty free CDG?
  9. You do not get the full 20% VAT off when purchasing at CDG. Prices are reduced by the same approx 12% refund you would receive had you purchased in a boutique and submitted the paperwork.
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  10. at Gucci in CDG it was 17/18% off the retailprice
  11. I can't speak for Gucci. I've only shopped at LV and Chanel at CDG and those prices are less the approx. 12% you would get via VAT Refund if purchased elsewhere in Paris.
  12. Hi, so LV at CDG is 12% of the retail price?
  13. Correct. The ticket prices at the CDG LV (and Chanel) are approx. 12% less than the prices in the Paris boutiques, which is approx. the same amount of refund you would receive if you were to purchase in the Paris boutiques and properly submit for the VAT refund forms when leaving the EU. So there is no "extra savings" over the regular VAT refund, it is just more convenient because you don't need to pay the VAT and then submit for the refund. However, stocks at the airport boutiques are usually much more limited and you are only guaranteed access to the boutiques at Gate K in T2E at CGD if your flight is departing from that gate since you need to go through security to get into Gate K (see map linked below) and generally only ticketed passengers flying out of that gate are permitted. Also, Gate K in T2E usually only serves flights departing the EU, so if you are connecting at CDG to another EU airport it is unlikely your flight will be departing from that gate. I have had luck accessing Gate K in T2E when not flying out of that gate by showing my Chanel @ CDG SA's business card and explaining that I am shopping there, but that is very hit or miss and you would need to allow plenty of extra time to get to your actual gate and go through security there (CDG has security checkpoints at the entrance to every gate). HTH

  14. Sadly the LV store inside CDG is only 12% less than what’s retailed in Paris. The only difference is no need to deal with paperwork. Downside is the airport store selection is very limited... practically zero seasonal stuff for men. No gifting items either. If you have plenty of time, ask security if they will let you in. Ask nicely and worst they can say is no. Airport Dior is also 12% off Paris retail. Store is much bigger than LV. There is also a men’s pop up right next to LV store in the middle of walkway. Selection is decent.
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  15. Hi all, do you guys know whether I need to declare and pay USA customs tax on the products bought from the LV CDG store? Is this store considered truly duty free?