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Vintage bag repair

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  1. I bought a vintage (80’s) made in USA bag and brought it to Coach for repairs. The inner flap pocket was not sewn properly and the turnlock was very stiff. Those repairs came back great but I noticed that they had also replaced the piping on the body of the bag (without me requesting it). I guess they had to do that to be able to sew the inner flap pocket.

    I have mixed feelings. On one hand, the original piping was getting tatty (wear on the corners) but the new piping is a little “off” vs the original leather.

    Here are some pics:
    1) Here’s the new piping against the original leather. The colour is slightly off but only noticeable under certain lighting. It’s definitely not as soft as original but might soften over time?)
    2) Here is the new piping (left) side by side the original piping from the strap (on the right- it was not replaced). F35196DD-11BB-4837-A2BB-CA58A8DD84C0.jpeg

    The bag now looks great if you don’t inspect the piping color but I feel that it’s less “original” vintage.

    Would this bother you?
    Or would you feel that it was great Coach replaced the piping without extra charge?
  2. I think it looks great and if you moisturize the bag with leather conditioner it might help make the colors appear more consistent.
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  3. If they had to replace the piping because of the repair, I could live with it. I see your point and I know what it is like to look at a bag and see a difference. Lol, I can be selectively detail oriented. It would nag at me initially. Especially if it was unexpected, with no prior indication it would be necessary. I would work to sell myself on the idea it was necessary to salvage the bag per se, to make it enjoyable/functional. Maybe put a fob or scarf on and give yourself a chance to enjoy your bag, new piping and all. Is it a possibility to contact Coach? Who knows, maybe at least you could express your surprise at what they did? Get an acknowledgement?
    Kudos to you for spending money on a repair. That was a sustainable choice.
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  4. I would be grateful as the leather will patina and you won’t be able to see the difference in color.
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  5. Great idea. I rubbed leather balm all over it and hope it will patina faster.
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  6. It’s the OCD in me! The bag looks brand new... I just hope it doesn’t take 30 years for the color to even out.
  7. I don’t think it will! Katev has the right idea, to use conditioner. And get that puppy in rotation!! :smile: