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Very messenger, any owners?

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  1. Hi all. I tried to do a search but didn’t get any specific results. Does anyone have this bag? Pros and cons? Thank you so much!

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  2. I do not personally own this bag, but I have held and worn with it multiple times, so this is what I can tell you...

    -Quite roomy for its size.
    -Elegant and discreet.
    -Luxurious look and feel.
    -Very unique — as you have seen, it is not a popular model because it is different to what LV has got us used to. It is a great alternative to the Pochette métis.

    -Kinda pricey for what it is. It is definitely worth the money because the materials and construction are very good, but that does not mean it is not expensive (you can get an equally well-made and bigger bag for that same price or even less).
    -Scratches Very (lame pun intended) badly.