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Valentino Rockstud

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  1. Luv luv luv my new rockstuds!!

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  2. My new Fluo Blue caged Rockstuds! Got them at -50% off at a local department store. So they cost me 309.50€ only :smile:

    ImageUploadedByLouis Vuitton Bag1405257634.510634.gif
  3. Rockstud Wallet

    Item: HWP00282-ABOL01 (Rockstud, trifold w/ removable insert)
    Color: Z83 (Beige)

    Boutique: Valentino South Coast Plaza
    Price: $775 USD

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  4. Finally I have one for a long time of drooling at those celebrity pictures!

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  5. Rockstud Trapeze Tote

    Item: GWB00970-ABOL01 (Rockstud Tote)
    Dimensions: W13" x H10.2" x D5.5"
    Color: Z83 (Beige / Light Brown)

    Boutique: Valentino San Francisco
    Price: $2445 USD

    A few months broken in. Pictured in natural light, clasped; w/ flash, clasped & unclasped

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  6. Finally broke in my new bubblegum rockstuds flats today and got 4 big angry blisters on the heels of my feet :sad: has anyone else had the same problem?i hope it doesnt happen the next time i wear them. ImageUploadedByLouis Vuitton Bag1438362482.128095.gif
  7. Hi everyone I would need your help here. I am a huge fan of Valentino rockstuds and have meanwhile about 10 pairs of them. This is a first time that I am buying pre-loved ones and sandals. Usually I have flats and kitten heeled ones.
    Are these genuine? If I am in a wrong forum please let me know. Thanks
    ImageUploadedByLouis Vuitton Bag1439364140.775391.gif
    ImageUploadedByLouis Vuitton Bag1439364167.248624.gif
    ImageUploadedByLouis Vuitton Bag1439364186.191523.gif
    ImageUploadedByLouis Vuitton Bag1439364200.849077.gif
    ImageUploadedByLouis Vuitton Bag1439364217.874889.gif
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  8. Hi

    Thanks a lot for your reply. I apologize for thanking you now - I was on the road all the time until Sunday.
    And you are right - they are fake. Good news is: I've got my money back which I immediately invested into new pair of rockstud flats in bronze
  9. Glad you did not purchase fake Valentinos. We also have a dedicated shoe subforum for Valentino and an authenicate thread there. Here is the link: