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Using Scarves as Straps

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  1. I have an Evelyne TPM and want to find out if/how others use scarves as straps.

    I'd prefer a slightly longer cross-body strap than the fixed-length 44" / 105cm strap that comes with the TPM. For me, I would want my cross-body strap to be about 46-52" total length - basically I want it to hang about 2-4" lower on my body.

    I do know one option is to use a scarf to halve the strap for shoulder carry (like this post or this photo) and I'm certainly going to do that sometimes since the TPM under-arm would be super cute. Assuming people use the regular twilly for that.

    I'm guessing I could also do that same thing to extend the normal length strap? But to do that I'd be attaching/clasping the hardware directly to the twilly which might look silly unless I somehow covered it with the twilly bow. Is there a better way to either make an entirely silk cross-body strap or to extend the built in strap?

    If I did a completely silk strap replacement, I'm hoping I can do it with a single scarf instead of braiding 3 together. Can I somehow use just one (twisted somehow or something?) From what I found online, these are the size options so not sure which would be the best for an all-silk strap?
    Maxi Twilly: 20 x 220 cm (8 x 87”)
    Maxi Twilly Cut: 20 x 160 cm (8" x 63”)
    Maxi Twilly Slim: 10 x 180 cm (4” x 70.9”)

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. 951CA9D8-CAA0-4045-BD1C-8F9BC8B96AAE.jpeg
    I thought this looks very ‘now’
  3. Pretty! Any idea how to do that?

    And also do you know what bag that is?