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Updated Mini Peekaboo

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  1. Just saw that the updated mini Peekaboo is available for pre-order on Fendi.com. Has anyone seen it in stores yet? I love that it is more structured, has a thicker shoulder strap and has FEET!!!

    untitled.png untitled1.png
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    OOH I didn't know they updated the mini peekaboo, I just ordered a pre-loved one last week...

    Lovely changed they made, but I was just in a Fendi boutique in NYC yesterday and they did not have the new peekaboos. I was looking at peekaboos and they'd def have told me!

    I've just taken a look at the site now, it seems they've also come out with patent versions for pre-order but those resemble the original mini peekaboos since they have the thin strap (can't tell if they have feet from the pictures though).


    First two pictures are the new, last picture of the black is the original. New version looks slightly slimmer (if handbags could be fat and skinny haha) than the original, handle looks longer. It was hard to tell in the black version but you can really see it in the tan that there's a thiiiick glazing on the trapezoid shape edge; not sure if I'm a fan of the glazing.

    The new seems to be priced at $3,390 while the original nappa mini seems to be $3,150, there are too many versions that I don't know what price to use to compare lol.
  3. Thanks for sharing! I like this new one more. The thicker glazing and also the way the handle is attached to the metal "rings" is much nicer on the new one. The metal feet are a nice touch.
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  4. I really don't know how I feel about the thicker glazing yet since I haven't seen the actual bag. Didn't notice the handle attachment was changed until you pointed it out, and I agree, it does look a bit sleeker! And people have been asking for feet for a long time, so :amuse:
  5. The link below is for the video from Maria Draganova that shows that the handles will be interchangeable. Start at around the 8 minute mark.

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  6. I did noticed some peekaboos got a price decrease. Loving the new update! :heart: I've been waiting for the perfect Peekaboo :P
  7. They are also made with calfskin which means more durable than lambskin. Definitely a very brilliant updated version!
  8. I've been thinking about getting a Peekaboo Mini in the current version, and browsing around pre-loved sites. But this new version is way, WAYYYY nicer! The feet and the thicker strap! But I guess it's going to be a while before they hit the pre-loved shops... :hrmm:
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