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tPF advice needed on wedding band upgrade *pics*

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  1. 10E5AC4A-450F-464D-AB33-A27497AAE00E.jpeg Dear jewelry friends,
    I have been married 18 years and although I paid very close attention to my e-ring (2.70 H color vvs clarity round brilliant set with flanked tapered baguettes), I quickly bought, sight unseen at the very last minute right before the wedding, my eternity wedding band. After that I just never thought about it other than to change from channel set to prong set.
    The reset didn’t help and I still dislike it. Now my jeweler tells me some cutlets were damaged during the reset and now my 2.5 tcw nice quality diamond band is really compromised.
    PS-I never really liked it anyway!
    I fell instantly in LOVE with a vintage 100 year old Art Deco 3 tcw G color vvs eternity band that my new jeweler showed me. It’s got old mine cut rounds, baguettes and marquise. Just a stellar piece. Seeped in history and classy as heck!
    So far so good.
    But here’s my question.
    The e-ring is a size 5. The Art Deco wedding band is a size 5.
    But I’ve chewed up my finger taking the band on and off and I’ve only had it 24 hours!!
    My jeweler is super nice and told me to take it home “on approval”.
    Right now (after a glass or 2 of wine) it’s off my finger with no hope of getting back until tomorrow.
    I need your advice for on size for a wider wedding band such as this.
    Is this one simply too small?
    I really really want it to work. E9165283-944B-4C81-97CB-848760B2FE4E.jpeg
    TIA all!
  2. Maybe you could wear the rings on different hands/fingers? If the band is too small it’s not going to work for you with the e-ring, but you could wear them on different fingers if you love the band. I think a simpler band, and a larger-sized one, might work better with your e-ring.
  3. I think you are right westcoastgal.
    The are deco band looks so great on its own.
    Let me see if it fits another finger....if not it may be back to the drawing board
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  4. wow! I love that,I think it looks great! Nothing compares to vintage jewelry , please give update.
  5. Wider bands usually have to be slightly larger than thin ones to go over the knuckle. Your engagement ring is gorgeous, and I honestly think a band that is not as wide will compliment it more. This band is beautiful, but I do think it is better as a stand alone ring.
  6. Thank you all!
    I agree.
    The Art Deco just needs to be on its own.
    So I am going back to my jeweler tomorrow and I know he has an eternity band that will compliment the e-ring nicely.
    Then I will ask him how we can make the antique work. I’m thinking it fits on my pinky (might need a speed bump or two to make it snug!) which might be a nice change since I’ve never worn or owned a pinky ring!
    I will let you all know how it works out!
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  7. Ok so wow! A lot has changed.
    The deco ring above just shouldn’t be messed with so we have two new options.
    With my budget I can go either of two ways:
    1- a tiny three-stone baguette wedding band that happens to match very nicely with my e-ring (first 2 pics) which would leave enough for the Art Deco 1.7 tcw I color vs2 clarity platinum etched ring pic below the modest three-stone
    2-a 2.5 tcw F color vvs clarity baguette channel set eternity band (last 2 pics)
    All thoughts very much appreciated!!!

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  8. Option 1.
  9. Agreed!
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  10. Agree also!
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  11. Option 1 absolutely. It’s perfect.

    The Art Deco would be fun as a cocktail ring.
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  12. OMG...Option 1 is timeless!!
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  13. Option 1!
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  14. If you plan on wearing it with your engagement ring, don’t buy it. It doesn’t fit you. Maybe buy it as a right hand ring instead?
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  15. Having read your further post, I really like the idea of option one. Buy the baguette diamond wedding band, and the Art Deco diamond ring. Happy anniversary!
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