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The pain of the price difference in the US vs Europe

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  1. Lord,

    Can I just name how heartbreaking it sometimes is to see the price difference between items in Europe versus the US? I just purchased the triangle messenger in turquoise from the Men's SS20 collection and it is anywhere between a $500 - $1000 difference based on tax from European prices.

    If it wasn't for the fact that this piece is so hard to get and will be gone soon, I think I would have struggled to purchase it. Outside of collector pieces, I wait until a trip to Europe to purchase. What do you all do?
  2. I think 80% of my handbag collection is purchased in Europe. One main factor is the price difference as you've mentioned (retail + VAT refund), and with LV for monogram pieces I prefer them to be MiF if possible, so getting them in Europe would guaranteed that.
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  3. I feel you - that is what I typically do. This damn limited pieces and their scarcity is the only time I purchase here.
  4. I buy most my Hermès and Vuitton when I m in France. Thankfully I go several times per year.
  5. I’m glad you posted this thread. I’m planning to go to London and Paris in the fall for the first time! I have been checking out the price difference on several items. I’m shocked at how much of a difference there is on certain items. Do the boutiques have plenty of stock? Do you have a favorite location you like to shop?
  6. I agree, the price difference is crazy. I definitely prefer to shop in Europe when I can. It is tougher with the hard to find pieces- I ended up having to get the Pochette Metis Reverse in the states last year. It was painful to pay the US price and state sales tax!
  7. Yes! That’s how I felt today after my purchase.
  8. I like to shop for LV in Paris at the Galeries Lafayette dept. store & the main Champs-Elysees store. CE has good inventory usually, but I like the service at GL. When I get there( to the city) I check item inventory on the website (it’ll show you which stores in the city have it), I have found typically they do if it says so. I have had luck with both. Make sure to take your passport to the store, they will fill out the tax refund paperwork for you to drop off at the airport on your way home. The times I have been there is usually a line & a wait so be prepared to spend some extra time. You can call ahead & make an appointment if there is availability. I have been to Paris recently, I haven’t been to London in a while but I actually bought my first LV at Harrods dept store in 2005 & had a good experience there. I am not as familiar with the London LV stores as Paris. :smile:
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  9. Thank you so much for the info!