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The Gucci Rebelle Bag

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Shall I get the Gucci rebelle suede bag

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Why not

  4. Others, specify.

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  1. Hello Gucci lovers
    I was thinking to get the Gucci rebelle suede large bag, which was from the collection of Spring/Summer 2018. However, i still dont know if the bag still holds a popularity nowadays in 2020 or not anymore.
    So, whats your say about that... is it still popular or not anymore... 81ee9a00-dc8e-4d8f-97d9-3ed1358cb099.jpeg
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  2. I'd say this is definitely not a popular bag or a bag that was intended to be popular, for that matter. It's more of a classic, old-style but not so much that it's outdated.

    So if you like it, I don't see why you shouldn't buy it. I think it's beautiful.
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  3. Who cares if it’s popular? I don’t like buying suede but that’s me. If you love it get it. Sounds like you’re on the fence.
  4. Nope, it's not a popular bag, but I see its classic appeal. I think it's very lux for winter, so if you're on the market for a winter bag with good capacity, so for it.
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  5. I agree with others. This isn't "popular" however, it isn't outdated either. It would still be quite a lovely luxury item. I personally am not a fan of suede. However, if I saw someone in the dead of winter with this purse I would comment to myself "that's a nice choice!"
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  6. I was going to get a Rebelle in python but I didn't like the interior material (python need a strong lining).

    The suede webstripe version is totally Gucci. If I didn't have my large, brown suede , half-moon, webstripe and also webstripe Bamboo-ring Hobo from the '00s I would be totally over this. It has a 1960s/1970s feel to it, relaxed sophistication and very classic. I love the Rebelle shape.

    BTW, I wore a 2002 clutch to a charity event Sunday with other more recent Gucci pieces, gold Dionysus boots, Flora shirt (not even out yet) gold rings from 2015 and 2019, PLUS a 1990s Gucci coat . Gucci is all about mixing it up atm - and rocking it. Gucci is all about the love ;)
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  7. It was never popular and it will never be non popular, is also my feeling. Love the suede.

    Also, suede and big bags seems to be a trend in the f/w 20 collections.
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