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~*~ the CHANEL BOY thread! ~*~

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  1. Congrats! I love this style. It’s not in my current budget so I just admire everyone else’s! Enjoy!
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  2. Have you tried using it more? Sometimes when I’m on the fence to sell something or not, I try to use it for a week straight. Then I know if i should sell it or not. Good luck!
  3. Just got my first Chanel. 18s small black caviar chevron boy bag with shiny RHW.

    I’m super happy as it’s everything I wanted in my first Chanel.

    However, I want to know which Chanel small leather goods would fit inside the small boy?

    I have 4 flat keys and a few credit cards and iPhone. I was thinking a mini o case to fit both keys and cards. Or maybe 2 separate holders for cards and keys?

    What do you use for your small boy bags?

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  4. Loving my new boy! IMG_9867.gif
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  5. Heading to work :smile: with ny boy ofcourse.:heart:

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  6. Better lightning

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  7. hello everyone. wanted to know what are the classic colours for the boy bag. are they the same as for the classic flap?TIA
  8. This is my ultimate unicorn

    Welcome my new to me Boy Jacket

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  10. IMG_0081.gif

    18S Old Medium Boy
    Caviar Chevron
    Shiny Ruthenium HW
    Geneva, Switzerland
    CHF 4700.-
  11. Finally a boy owner and it most certainly won’t be the last

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  12. IMG_5168.gif

    My old medium caviar chevron Boy with shiny LGHW. What a mouthful!
  13. Loving my new sturdier buddy boy Chanel..

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