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~*The Celine Mini Luggage Club*~

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  1. Souris is one of the most beautiful colors I've seen. Classic and Beautiful, congrats guys :smile::heart:
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  2. Thanks kindly Miss World....I agree with you! Souris is such a versatile color & goes with everything! Congrats on your new Luggage!
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  3. There is now a Micro Luggage Thread in the Clubhouse. You can now post your amazing Micro Luggage bag pictures there! :smile:
  4. Hi Marisa1, how are you liking the Indigo color? I tried on a Indigo Micro Luggage in store and thought it was very beautiful. Do you still love your bag and color?
  5. My new Mini Luggage in Orage! IMG_1495682724.647753.gif
  6. I absolutely adore it! I have a hard time using my other bags because it truly is my favorite :smile:
  7. I've owned a few Mini Luggages but sold them except Dune. This one is a keeper!

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  8. The contrast of the black edging against the dune is so pretty!
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  9. It's gorgeous! I must say dune and Souris are my two favorite Celine mini luggage colors.
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  10. My new Celine Mini Luggage bag in Souris. It will be my new daily work bag:nuts: I have been wanting this colour for months but it's always sold out at my Celine stockist. So happy. I love this colour so much, it is a chameleon. Depending on the lighting it can look grey, dark grey, beige or even Khaki. Just love it! I think I'm finally moving away from overdosing on black bags. Celine colours are classic and beautiful too. :heart:

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  11. Agree, it's definitely a keeper. I'm thinking of getting a Micro Luggage in Dune but just concerned about colour transfer as I wear a lot of dark clothes. Dune is so elegant.
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  12. Yay! I have this exact bag and I love it. Congratulations.
  13. Thank you MustLuvDogs :smile: Yay bag twins! Have you posted your pic on here? I just love Souris color so so much!
  14. I'm pretty sure I posted this pic somewhere on tpf. But here it is again IMG_1501652319.076644.gif .
  15. Ahh so pretty, looks so different in different light. Gorgeous! I think i need a Micro or Nano in this color too lol. Maybe i'll go for Dune instead as it's neutral and slightly different. :smile: