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Swift Kelly 25 or 28- do they exist outside of an SO/a la carte?

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  1. I have been waiting for a swift kelly 28 ( black of course for me!), which my wonderful SA has always said she can find at some point, although it will take a while. She says now however, that she thinks the 28 is not made in swift ( although I think I remember seeing it on the SO options). I am sure she is correct about this.
    My question is- does it exist ( outside of an SO) in the K25? Should I continue to wait ( and hope) that a 25 will magically appear some day, or say " No, it won't- use an SO to get this ( if lucky enough again)"?
  2. Currently, Swift for Retourne Kelly is available in size 25 for select colors but not for 28 for PO
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  3. Thanks so much for your speedy reply!
    To clarify - is the 25 SO or push only, or is it ( albeit a rarity) out there to be searched for?
    I certainly can bring up the concept with my SA- she’s wonderful
    Thanks again
  4. Since you are getting feedback here, I will not respond via PM. I have nothing new to add dear xo
  5. Swift Kelly 25 is available at podium (PO) for select colors as mentioned earlier. Your SA should be able to check for you if your SM purchased any. (Some stores don't buy Swift as most of their clients prefer Togo.) If none was ordered you can try asking for SO. HTH.
  6. Thanks so much. This is excellent information to have, and helps a great deal. I really appreciate your clarifying this for me.
    Fingers and toes crossed!
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  7. i was offered a k25 in swift in Rose Azalee earlier this year when i visited a (non-home) store during my holiday in the UK, so I think it does exist? Hope this helps!
  8. Yes it does- thanks so much.
    Hope springs eternal ( this and my barenia kelly are out there!)
  9. Hm, a la carte swift Kelly 25....