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SnaH's humble handbag collection

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  1. Hi, I wanna share my humble handbag collection with all of you. It doesn't contain any luxury houses' or even famous global designer brands'. It consists vintage, second handed, or handmade ones or from souvenir shops. However, it can be fun to see, I hope.

    Let's start with Anna Sui's black "Anna" bag.
    From 2015 to 2017, Anna Sui brand cooperated with Korean TV shopping firm in handbag and jeans area. One of Korean producer got license to produce Anna Sui handbag for 4 seasons, and its line-up contains 6 kinds of bag. "Anna" bag was the first one. Maybe these things were released in Korea only, as I know. All of bags sold out so quickly at that time, so I recently got mine after digging second-handed market of Korea. Its full cost was about 400usd but I got it in second-handed market around 30usd. But the bag's condition was so good, even though its strap was missing. It is okay for me and I usually carry this bag to my class.
    20190922_180144.gif It is made of genuine cow leather. After full packed, the shape is really good and very comfortable to carry even with heavy books.
    The other side of the bag is just plaine.

    Maybe Anna sui ended up bag and clothing cooperation with Korean TV shopping mall after 2017, but its sunglasses and perfume are still famous in Korea.
  2. Second one is Korean traditional leather craft. The maker, I mean the craftwoman ran her small leather craft brand for last 30 years in Seoul. Her brand name is 통고집(Tong-Go-Jib) and it means "firm persistence" for her craftmanship. I read this in the blog which was ran by her son who supported his mother who didn't know to do on-line marketing.

    It is made of Korean cow leather, and hand-made, of course. The face is very solid like wooden one. Coated with special glaze-like reagent. Decorated by hand, so it is the only one type. The opener of the bag is also very unique. You can open the bag by rotating the opener.
    On the backside, the brand name was imprinted looks like Korean style name stamp.

    Sadly, now the craftwoman is too old to hold her job, and her sons are working on another fields. Here is no more new ones, so I digged second-handed market again and bought it with 25usd, but its cost was once 200usd. The condition was superb, so it was good after all.

    It is my hang-out purse.
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  3. I will introduce my four eco-canvas bags. I am a big fan of natural leather bag, but actually, printing beautiful decoration freely is much easier and cheaper on canvas bag. So I got several ones recently.

    First one is my first canvas bag. I bought it in Etsy, and maybe the seller was like Russian-American. The resolution of printing is not as sharp as photo posted by seller in Etsy, but the bag is "shining everywhere" according to my classmate. So beautiful Russian dolls.

    It was from US, so the shipping cost to Korea was as big as the bag cost. But it is still worthy.

    I bought second one in the souvenir shop of Ulan-Ude, the Siberian city of Russia.

    Ulan-Ude is the capital city of Republic of Buryat, part of Russian Fereration. Buryat is brother nations of Mongol people. The souvenir shop's name is "Zam", which means "road" in Buryat-Mongol language.

    The mark on the bag is really brilliant, isn't it? I fell in love with this bag so my hand automatically moved to my wallet and paid for it(1000rub). A girl and a boy wear Buryat traditional hats.

    Third one is also from Etsy. It contains peaceful scene of Harry Potter wizardry things like Golden Snitch, Hedwig, broom, magical hat and etc.
    The seller also sells t-shirts, mugs, pillow covers with same print, but the bag was my favorite. The seller posted his/her location as US, but surprisingly, the package was from Latvia. After all, I got the bag and love this one(Maybe next time, I will collect money for the t-shirts)

    The fourth one is made of genuine leather, in fact, but still eco bag. Why? Upcycled leather after making leather clothings was used to make this bag. Upcycling is kind if trend at that time, and Korea has one upcycling leather craft.

    The bag is so simple and its color is wine. The leather material is for clothes so it is very light. So I think I can call it as eco bag. I carried this very frequently in 2016 but not anymore, but the idea was brilliant.
    The brand is Azeroleather and the model name is "Nemo-bag"(Nemo means retangle in Korean).
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  4. This satchel is also from Etsy, and from a Ukrainian seller.

    Its material is crazyhorse leather. When I was interested in satchel and crazyhorse leather, it looked like a perfect option for me. I planned to buy British satchel but after find this, I bought this.

    Well, it is true that the shape structure is not very solid as you can see in the picture. However, the leather is beautiful so I still prefer this bag. I can put 1-2 thick book in here and with thick books, it can hold its structure.

    Btw, I could find several Ukrainian sellers and craftmen who treat crazyhorse leather very frequently. I don't know why, but still interesting.
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  5. Nice collection and I really like this piece and the story behind it!
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  6. Thank you)) And I am glad to see that you say this bag is beautiful!
    I found the craftwoman's son's post advertising the off-line shop. This post contains many pics of the bag, so if you have some moment, just have a look)

    Even though after sold all of bags in the shop, she closed and retired..

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  7. This Mongolian leather handbag is the best bag of my collection.

    Mongolia is famous for its own nomadic culture and tradition, and leather and fur from a number of livestocks(in fact, much more than human population) got some fame worldwide. However, I think it is still underrated.

    I bought this bag in duty free art shop in international airport of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. It costs only 78usd, and after came back to Korea, I got to know that it is hard to get this quality of leather even with over 400usd!

    I cannot get any clue for that "Vivid" brand in internet, but this bag is my most-admired bag. I carry this only when I go to good and important place such as someone's wedding ceremony.
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  8. 20190922_180301.gif

    This bag is designed Korean(or Korean-American?) designer Cathy Lee. She runs handbag brand Ekatrina New York (Why New York? Maybe she learnt and worked for handbag design there, I infer) and she recently launched her subbrand H by Ekatrina New York in Korea. Its trade mark is shining hoiled goat or pig leather.

    In 2017, I really wanted to get hoiled leather bag. It is so heautiful! So I waited till off season and finally got this clutch.

    It is hoiled goatskin and its chain and zipper are black nickel. Shining purple color is really lovely. It is still with the tag because I didn't use this bag yet(I didn't have right place to carry this.) but the day will come soon)
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  9. It is another goatskin bag(model name: Hudson) from H by Ekatrina New York, and I also wanted to have this kind of chained-bucket bag and also made of goatskin.


    Packing many things makes better shape of this bag. I carried this during this summer vacation. I found out that the chain makes some noise because chain rings on the bag body is also metal and each metal elements meet each other and make noise. So I stopped carrying this in silence library but still carrying to coffee shop. Still luxurious.

    Actually, there were two colors for this "Hudson" bag - silver and black. Silver one is mire beautiful in the picture but always black is safe and stable choice.
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  10. This is not hand-carrying bag but a backpack, but I wanna introduce it here.

    It is hand-embroidered in taditional Kazakh style backpack. I bought it in Mongolian souvenir shop when I travelled there.

    Kazakh people(are different from Cossak of Russia!) are one of various of Turkic nations and they have their own country, Kazakhstan. But in neighbor country, Mongolia, there are also some Kazakh, too. So their tradition embroidered craft are being sold in Mongolia, every souvenir shop.

    There are many kind of craft from small coin purse, messenger bag to this big backpack, and I chose this beautiful backpack. It was only 25usd. Every my tourmates thought the body material is suede, but when I asked shop owner, she told me proudly "Cotton" . It is hard to believe because the feeling was really suede-like. Maybe she thought I asked the material of embroid string? Well, I believe this as suede)) And this embroided symbol is really beautiful and unique.

    Maybe you can buy it on-line even though it would not be as cheap as local shop.
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  11. I love this bag!
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  12. You have a lovely and diverse collection :flowers: Thank you for sharing!
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  13. This is beautifully made. Love the craftsmanship and the personalized stamp. Thanks for posting.
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  14. Thank you! The stamp on the bag is typical Korean stamp style (kind of signature). Leather of it is also beautiful and solid. I wanna upload my finger feeling on the leather also)
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  15. Thank you for reading my humble posting) I love my cute collection. Carrying various of bags in everyday life refreshed my plaine life!
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