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September 2019 - Ready for Autumn - Please Share Your CHANEL Purchases

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  1. Yes Please! Reference #?
  2. love the blue as well! maybe you can share the colour code? thank you :smile:
  3. Coco cameo brooch snagged

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  4. 1B5AAE15-95F9-46DE-A79F-78C18B099C3F.jpeg Hope its not too late to share this! Got this lovely seasonal flap in the last few days of Sep!
  5. thumbnail.gif I wanted to share last month but I always seem to procrastinate. I knew this collection was going to be a little hard to resist. "Happy Thanksgiving weekend" to all my fellow Canadian friends!!
    Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my fellow Canadian friends!!
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  6. Opps!! one day I wont double post!!
  7. That is a TRIPLE WOW! :biggrin:
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  8. Gorgeous! I was at the location two weeks ago and almost got it but decided on preloved instead. So happy you got it!
  9. I love my gold weekender but i guess i will use it as a everyday bag also.

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  10. We’re bag twins! Love this bag too and it looks great on you!

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  11. Hello dear, your shoes is stunning. Can I know where did you buy it? May I have code number?
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  12. Hi!

    Thank you!

    I bought it in Dubai, unfortunately the box doesn’t come with any code stickers..

    They do ship, let me know if you need the SA information.
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  13. Thank you for let me know. I am wondering if anyone see this in US.
  14. It's beautiful! Please could you share the code/name of the bag?
  15. Hi, Sorry for the delayed reply.

    The code is AS0894 B01112 94305
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