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September 2019 - Ready for Autumn - Please Share Your CHANEL Purchases

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  1. Nope i got it from a reseller via FB.. This is from the 19S collection
  2. Loving everyone’s purchases! I just received this bag but noticed the zipper is kind of funny/crooked. Does anyone else’s bag with a zip look like this? Thank you! D8F43BF4-0C4C-4FA8-A86D-9EAC3AA58103.jpeg 7C47B3EE-5F85-4459-AEDE-8DE918B34474.jpeg
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  3. Love these! So excited!

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  4. E09DAE92-838F-4869-926D-3A53A8A223E8.jpeg 74866487-7783-4CC9-A0D9-8DFCD64D8C92.jpeg
    OBSESSED. It’s the perfect every day bag! Here a couple shots from my camera roll for reference I’m 5’4
  5. Oh thank you! You look amazing and the bigger size is just perfect! I am 5’4” too! Thanks! Will be getting that over the smaller size, if I.could find it.
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  6. It not only looks crooked, it also looks like the zipper isn't properly attached on the one side
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  7. Yikes. That’s awful. I’d return it asap.
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  8. C6D6BAAC-7A62-4D53-B5FD-FBE94E201095.jpeg I bought the charcoal gray boots early September, and then the knee high black boots the last week of September.
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  9. Love the boots !
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  10. :biggrin:
  11. Anyone seen the red version of this?
  12. Where did you find?
  13. Bought my first ever Chanel bag from the Vancouver Holt Renfrew Chanel store. Medium/large classic flap in black caviar with gold hardware! I know the price and tax is not the cheapest here but I heard this combo is usually hard to get?

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  14. What is the style/reference number for this bag? And could you tell the price please? Do you know if it's available in other colors?