Selling my Louboutins


Aug 10, 2013
I really like the so Kate’s but they’re very hard for me to walk in. It is currently listed on eBay selling for $465 but I want to keep them so bad for display. It seems like no one is shopping right now. I wore the so Kate’s once for indoor photoshoot. I bought Kate 100 but should I keep both? I have them both in nude. I’m also thinking about selling my lady peeps but they’re very sexy and I think they discontinued it since I don’t see on Louboutin website anymore. I was thinking of getting pigalle follies in black since I currently own one pair of black heels and they’re the iriza 100 that I’m definitely keeping. I also own the lady peeps in black as well.

Is the so Kate’s or lady peeps walkable or comfortable? Many people says so Kate’s are sitting down shoes.


Feb 16, 2009
Los Angeles, CA
I too find the So Kate’s pretty much not walkable for any distance greater than 10 feet or wearable sitting for more than an my opinion, I think many other So Kate owners agree, and that is why, I think one sees so many on the resale sites.....unfortunately, I also think sellers have an inflated opinion of how much they are worth on the resale sites, since I am pretty sure the word is out that they are totally impractical to have....

I believe So Kate’s follow the same rules as in real estate.....a successful sale occurs when both the seller and buyer come to a mutual agreement on what the property is worth....I’ve see So Kate’s that are worn and selling for more than the original it now worth more because the seller has worn them...that’s one I will never understand, but to each her own I suppose...


Sep 5, 2016
My thoughts.. dont give up! Yes they take time to become comfortable, but id hate for you to sell and then they are no longer available!

Im noticing a shift away from 120s, dont want to risk being without!

My tip... taking off 5mm off the heels did make the so kates wearble from a few hours to daily... a little goes a long way!