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San Francisco / NorCal Meet

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  1. Hmmm excuse for another meetup!!!
  2. You have been a busy beaver, neural. Lol...

    The Lucie is super cute.
  3. Yes, for sure :smile: More fun and trouble ($)

  4. Oh my! I better not miss the next one. Good to know about this thread now :smile:
  5. Yay, welcome to the fun! I'm fully done budget wise, but I'd love to get us all together for lunch or something!
  6. No you aren't! I'll have our SA show you something in purple and you will crumble. lol It seems like when I am being really good then all of these awesome new releases come out and then I get very bad again :smile:

  7. I'm surprised you haven't been dreaming about empreinte speedy in Aube (dark purple color). :smile:

  8. Resisting continuous LV purchases is difficult enough already, resisting LV friends/enablers is even tougher :smile:
  9. I think I'm the only person on these forums that cannot stand the Speedy bag! Its bulky, the openings are too small (even the empreinte) and I just don't love it!

    Ah, you are right about that! Leo the Lion, I'm looking at YOU!!! :P
  10. :smile:
  11. That's cool, you have your opinion and sticking to it. I respect that :smile:
  12. When is the next one?
  13. I don't know but I'm in- I live in the East Bay and will use BART-any particular dates in mind???
  14. I live here too! Where in the EB?
  15. When are you planning the next one?