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Saffiano, pebble grain, or florentine.

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  1. I’m in debate bc I Love Dooney has a good deal going on. Saffiano or Pebble Grain Cooper for $129. Or the Florentine tassel shoulder bag for $129. I’ve never owned a Florentine piece before. My everyday bag is a small Saffiano Barlow.

    Which way to go?
  2. I've owned all 3: pebble, Florentine, saffiano Dooney leathers. And you can't compare leathers between different brands. Here's my take on the Dooney leathers:

    The Florentine is the highest quality and thickets.... BUT it will show marks and water spots, etc. Some people pretreat it and some think that as the Florentine leather wears and ages it adds character.

    The pebble leather is very durable. I like the look and how it wears. many of the styles have contrast color trim.... you either love that or don't.
    Pebble leather holds up to daily wear and the elements. Different lines of Dooney pebbled leather seem to have different thicknesses of leather.

    Dooney saffiano wears very well and holds up to daily wear and the elements. . Styles are often all one color, for a more contemporary look. But.... I don't like the feel of the saffiano…. it's a coated leather and to me it's not as luxurious as the pebble leather.

    All 3 of the leathers will soften over time. For a hobo style bag, the Florentine or pebbled leather start out softer than the saffiano, and in my opinion are more conducive to that style.

    Florentine is heavier than the pebbled or saffiano leathers. Of course the style of the bag (and size) will also affect the weight. The Dooney sites and QVC usually include the weight of the bag.

    I'll look at the styles you indicated and see if I have any other input.... for what it's worth. Off the top of my head I will say that many of the ladies here LOVE the Cooper style handbag. It's fairly large, a true hobo, and for that handbag, I would choose pebble over saffiano for feel, drape, 'slouchyness', wearing comfort.
  3. Re: Florentine tassel shoulder bag: it's adorable, but small, in my opinion. A great slouchy medium sized bag. The top zip opening will be small (short), that's the nature of that style (satchel or shoulder). Check out the dimensions. I considered buying that bag.... I have both the mini and the small Florentine satchels (many of them). The mini is a decent size bag (not mini really, more medium), but it's wider base makes it usable. I think the tassel shoulder bag is smaller. I'll have eto check the dimensiobs. Remember, the top folds (drapes) over, so you loose some of the height inches. Getting in and out of the Flo tassel shoulder bag will be much more challenging than the cooper style. And this Flo bag will hold a lot less than the cooper.

    I think the functionality differences between the Cooper and the Flo tassel shoulder bag should be your first decision point. What do you need? Is it another bag in your collection or do you have specific criteria based on how you need to use this bag?
  4. I know which way I would go as I love the pebble leather Cooper. Don't believe they have the current weight on the ILD site correct tho - don't think it is really weighs1lb 14oz. as it is incredibly light. I am about to change into the oyster Cooper & honestly feel this is the hardest working, take a beating & still look good bag I own. With the magnet closure it just doesn't get anymore simple, plus the zipper pouches on the front are great stash spots. The strap is nice & wide & comfortable. I've read other people posts who like it in saffiano, others wished they had gotten it in pbl after they bought saffiano. I'm just not a fan of the saffiano stiffness, but each to their own.
    The flo tassel bag is a good deal smaller, but very pretty. The leather ages well. The natural wear & tear shows on flo but adds character.
    Either bag will be a win-win, & please post pics of what you receive. :wave:

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