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Report This LV

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  1. #2402 Feb 16, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2019
    Ugh! Some poor soul actually bought this. I was going to report it (I saw the listing in an email from Ebay) but by the time I opened the listing it had already been sold. I hope the buyer gets this authenticated and gets their money back.


    I reported the sold bag but the seller has two more fake Neverfulls for sale.


    Please report so no one else loses their money to this scammer.
  2. Reported after the sale. Maybe....? Hey LV!!
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  3. Hello my Dear friend! :hugs::hugs::wave:
  4. :drinks:hello!! New job's keeping me super busy but hopefully I'll be around more often now!! That bag is off her sold list, maybe we got it down before transaction was completed? Fingers crossed:confused1:
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  5. I've been off the board for a bit but is it just me or has the scammer ring gotten worse??
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  6. No - I noticed it too with requests - It boggles my mind that they think they are getting a "Deal" when in fact they are getting SCAMMED! :nono:
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  7. It's just... one after another after another! And anyone who thinks they're getting a brand new clapton/neverfull/palm springs is DREAMING!!
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  8. Hi peeps,

    May i check if the packaging is correct as shown in pic as if one purchase from store brand new ? For example, the protection white cloth on the handle and stickers all over the gold zipper heads? I purchased my bags from my local stores all this while but I never shown a bag with such many protection stickers. Reason I asked, i expressed my interest in this bag and the seller told me she bought this from France boutique and the packaging is all new as she bought from store. I feel uneasy when I saw it. Warning sign and esp I seen the dustbag too. So just curious and post this question and hope someone cam help to clarify. Maybe I am wrong in my gut feeling. 20190501_134124.gif Screenshot_20190501-134038_Carousell.gif
  9. Repost please in the authenticate this thread. Make sure you read page 1 and include a link to the purchase. Oh, and please and thank you to our dear authenticator is always appreciated:hbeat: good luck Gan!!
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