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Repairing Your Mulberry

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  1. My guess would be that they would replace the handles completely... assuming that they have that leather in the factory.

    Hope this can be sorted, and quickly!
  2. Thanks Skater, I think so too.
  3. I called my local store last week for the same issue and if the postmans lock could be replaced. She said yes, the replacement lock would be a a set price, but the price for the inking would depend on the level of damage meaning you had to send it off. She was sure something could be done though.
  4. I really appreciate the aftercare of Mulberry! It’s very rare amenity these days. (If I remember right even Chanel repairs only under 5 years old bags and that’s just ridiculous considering their price.)
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  5. Hi fellow Mulberry lovers,

    I would like to hear your advice or maybe experiences in dealing with split piping on your Mulberry bags. Is it worth fixing? Have you had any experiences as to how much it would cost to fix them and where, the quality afterwards, etc?

    I have two Alexas, black and oak. The black one has completely split and the oak one is on its way. (Photos below)

    What would you do if these were your bags? Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences/advice.

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  6. If the bags generally are looking good and it is only the piping, then I'd get them repaired. But I love Alexas and use mine all the time.
    I've had some repairs done by Mulberry, and I'd do that again if I needed the piping replaced - I have been happy with the repairs I have had done.
    If you call the customer services, they should be able to give you a price estimate. They should also be able to tell you how long it will take to repair.
  7. Hi .I have a scotchgrain briefcase.It is marked no damage to the leather.Would it ok to dye the area .If so what dye could anyone recommend with the texture of the leather being quite hard.It is black in colour.
  8. Hi
    I have a Mulberry large leather bag which I've used cruelly! The handle is now coming away from the bag and the brown leather at the top is pretty scratched. I don't want to part with it so wondered if anyone can tell me how or where I can get this fixed? have similar problem with a Givenchy bag - white piping around the bag needs mending. Don't want to part with either of them but they are now shabby.
  9. A cobbler can likely fix the handle. The scratches can be minimised by using Collonil gel.
    A full refurb, with piping I would trust to The Handbag Clinic or similar
  10. Thank you - where can I buy the gel? I'll google the handbag clininc - many thanks again
  11. what do you do to your bags? not judging, just curious
    taking out in bad weather? kids or animals destroying them?
    I don't really baby my bags and with the exception of some lighter colored ones showing some marks or dirt, they never really wear out
  12. Contact Mulberry, they will repair their bags, even old ones. There is a cost.
  13. I used the Mulberry to take books back and forth from school (I'm a teacher!) hence damage to handle and scratches on brown leather at top. As for the Givenchy - I've had it many years and the piping came apart when I lived in Amsterdam and stuck it on the handlebars of my bike a couple of times, which caused the wear and tear there :sad:
  14. Great - I'll do that - the cost might be worth it and cheaper than buying a new one - besides, I like the vintage!
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  15. Hi everyone! Hope you are all very well.
    I do hope this is okay for me to share -

    I would like to share a mixed experience I have had with my Lily being repaired.

    So, as some of you will know, I visited Shepton Mallet a few weeks ago and purchased an Oxblood bayswater, and I took my Oak Lily in for repair at the same time.

    I did not have the best experience at Shepton at all, and it has really made me question whether I should return in the future; this is my closest Mulberry store - and still is a two hour drive from my home.

    Anyway, as I presented my Lily to the SA, I was horrified as to what I was met with next. (Bearing in mind there was a queue waiting at the till to purchase items). The SA proceeded inform me, and others at the till that my Lily was fake, and there was multiple things that "told" her that. As you can imagine, at this point, I feel the eyes of the room on me, and quite literally wanted the ground to swallow me up. I had my blonde bayswater with me that day, and I could feel eyes drifting towards her too suspecting the same.

    Feeling rather publicly embarrassed, I filled out the repairs form with a dreadful feeling hanging over me, and then I proceeded to purchase the Oxblood Bayswater. (Which by this time, I really felt like I shouldn't have due to the experience I had, but my heart ruled and I knew the bag had to come home with me. It was a sentimental purchase that I bought in memory of my grandmother who always loved my bags). I then drove two hours home feeling so deflated. :sad:

    However, after being told that I would receive news on the bag within two days, two weeks had passed, and still, I had heard nothing. I then called the repairs team at The Rookery, who then informed me that my Lily IS GENUINE, and were most apologetic about the experience I had at Shepton.

    So, just under five weeks from beginning to end, I finally have my Lily back. I must say the service from The Rookery was amazing, and Lily arrived safely home today like I've just bought her! This has made me feel a little better about the whole situation. However, I just don't know if or when I will return to Shepton.