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Red “rubber?” On canvas

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  1. hello guys!! I recently bought a pre loved Pochette Accessoires on damier ebene. From the pictures it looked fine. Now that I have it in my hands, I noticed a red something coming out from the laterals on the canvas, close to the metal.

    Does anyone also have this problem? Does it mean it’s fake?



    Thanks, guys :heart:
  2. I’m not sure what you are talking about? The lining is red..
  3. I agree, that is from the lining!
  4. Yeah, that's called "the lining" of the bag.
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  5. It just looks like the lining peeking through which is normal for the pochette accessoires.
  6. That isn’t red “rubber” on canvas - that’s the lining coming through.
  7. If you want to know if it’s authentic, I would get it authenticated..
  8. Actually I was talking about these parts. I’m sorry I didn’t highlight before.



    Do you think It’s the lining?
    If so, thanks I feel way more relieved. ❤️
  9. Yes that’s the lining. If you want to have it authenticated you can try paid authentication services online or try the authenticate this thread (follow the rules on page 1 and make sure you add an active link to the item)
  10. I actually bought from a highly thrustworthy store. However, I always like to take a closer look myself
  11. That IS the lining. It's supposed to look like that. Enjoy your bag!
  12. Oh, then that’s alright. Thanks Emsidee!
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  13. It’s settlw then.
    Thank you guys so much. You are the best ❤️
  14. I would have any preowned bag I bought authenticated. Even the well known stores make mistakes.
  15. Ok, you are right, I’d better do that.
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