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Rain, Apple Conditioner and Florentine Leather

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    Just a quick photo reference for how well Apple Leather Care Conditioner works at protecting Florentine leather from rain. I know people always want to know what will prevent water stains on this type of leather. I only use this.
    My bag is in color Natural. I have treated the bag with the Apple conditioner the day I got her and I have been caught in the rain about 4 times now. Actually, I have wiped the bag down with paper towel damp with water/Castile soap mixture first, wiped again with just water (filtered water from my fridge door), let it dry and applied the conditioner. As you can see, it gets wet but dries completely with no water staining. Hopefully it can help someone. (I am not affiliated with the Apple brand).

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  2. Glad it works so well. Thanks for the info. I need to get working on my Flo handbags.