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Rag & Bone denim jacket too stiff

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  1. I was excited to get this rag & bone jacket at a discount. But it's stiff and even though it's supposed to be dry clean only and I've washed it several times and put in the dryer, it remains pretty stiff. I'm beginning to think it was a mistake and I would have been happier with a cheaper stretch denim jacket. Will any amount of washing and drying soften this thing? I think I tried a vinegar soak.
    Today I saw something that said put salt in the water. I know my DH's old denim jacket got very soft but that was after years of washing and wearing.
  2. I notice denim is stiff when freshly washed, but softens with wear. So I wouldn't wash it unless it's dirty, but I would wear it. It's probably labeled dry clean because of the silver metallic on the cuffs, probably with frequent washing that will peel or degrade.
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  3. Yup. I would put it in a pillow case and ask your husband to jump and walk on it repeatedly. The more it is worn and worked in the better. There might be a finish on it but it’s work a shot
  4. thanks
    as far as those cuffs go, I don't like them. I roll them up.
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  5. I finally succeeded in softening the jacket. First I want to say if I loved it I would have washed it on gentle and probably line dried it. but since I wasn't happy with it I was willing to abuse it a bit.
    so after washing a few times and drying in the dryer with little softening, I tried this: washed it with fabric softener only on the long cycle on the washer; did that twice, then dried in the dryer on lower setting; took out a bit damp. Finally, it's softer :smile:
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