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Question about Walk ‘N’ Dior sneakers

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  1. ...the tongue of the shoes is pressing against the top of my feet and leaving a red mark. While not exactly painful, it’s uncomfortable. I’ve not worn them out yet, just around the house on the carpet. I really love them and want them to work! Does anyone own these sneakers and does the tongue soften up over time? TIA.

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  2. I had the same issue with the gucci aces and was at the verge of returning them.
    Then my bf suggested to “loosen up” the whole laces. Never had issues since...
  3. I did loosen the lace nearest to the tongue but it didn’t seem to make much difference - the edge of the tongue is really rigid. It’s canvas and doesn’t feel like it will soften up. My feet are actually extremely narrow so if I loosen the laces too much my heels slip out. They’re already a little loose on the back as it is. I will give them another go in the morning when the redness on my feet calms down. It’s really disappointing as I think they’re a great shoe!
  4. I loosened the whole length but kept the top at more or less the same tight because of the slip out. However mine were leather, but I don’t think they would have softened the next day.
    All you can do is try and if it’s not getting better, it’s a nice shoe but not a good fit maybe consider returning :/
  5. I’m away at the moment but before I left I did try them on again briefly and I loosened the last lace completely and it did seem to make a slight difference. I’ll try again when I get home.