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Quarantine Bag Challenge

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  1. Please delete if there is a similar thread going already.

    Since this lock down and quarantine has taken place, it’s given me a lot of time at home. I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning out my closet and I’ve been trying to challenge myself on keeping 3-5 bags, 5 bags max and I’m having the hardest time. Haha!

    So, my question to you all is.. IF you *had* to pick 3-5 bags in your collection — which ones would they be? :smile:

    I’ll come back and share mine when I decide haha
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  2. Now this is tough but I’ll play!

    Louis Vuitton Capucines
    Louis Vuitton Twist
    So Black Chanel Reissue
    Ultra matte grey Lady Dior
    Diorama Satchel

    These are bags that now I have them I couldn’t imagine not having them.
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    LOL, this is one challenge I know I could NOT do for real. Not sure I can even do it in theory but I'll try:

    Gucci hand-painted grey, boar-skin, Large New Bamboo Top-handle with double strap shw
    Hermes Black Box Kelly ghw
    BV, Gunmetal Cervo, Intreccio 'ball' hobo (no hw)
    Hermes Black Clemence Evie ghw
    Gucci silver/gold minaudière with gold tassel (needs polishing!)

    2 x Gucci + 2 x Hermes and a BV sounds about right, but I still don't have a tote or workbag.

    The very best of luck to you @shesnochill
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  4. I literally just downsized mine to 5!
    • Chanel med classic flap
    • LV Pochette Metis empreinte
    • LV Speedy B 25
    • Celine micro Belt
    • Givenchy Pandora
    Planning to keep my collection to no more than 10 bags, but ideally 8.
  5. At this particular moment, 2 BV, 1 Hermès, 1 Chanel, and 1 Alaïa. But that's just because I've been feeling sentimental lately. My list could change at any time.
  6. One of each, to get me through all situations!

    DvF Voyage Tote, black w/ red interior
    DKNY Sofia mini bag, black quilted and gorgeous
    Decadent Kylie feed bag, Navy
    RM Love, black chevron w/ pale gold HW
    Ted Baker canvas weekender, pale pink with floral decorations

    Notice that M Alexa is not on the list..? :shocked:
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  7. It's like Sophie's Choice but here I go -
    Chanel medium flap bag in black with GHW for special occasions
    Gucci Blooms Boston Bag in medium for something fun
    LV Neverfull - the workhorse!
    Louboutin Paloma medium in black and red (so under rated!)
    LV Artsy MM damier azur OR Dior medium Panarea in light pink - both classic and practical
  8. LV Artsy
    Chloe Marcie
    Balenciaga Velo (I think)
    Coach Rogue
    LV Dentelle speedy
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  9. Five? Just FIVE? I will have to think long and hard about this....
  10. Hmmm...
    Chanel beige caviar SHW maxi flap
    Chanel orange small Cerf tote
    Chanel tiffany blue GHW medium boy
    Gucci python medium New Jackie
    Chanel purple lambskin SHW jumbo flap
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  11. Fun game, here’s my five,

    Chanel Reissue 226, black with ruthenium hardware
    Hermes Bolide 31, etain Clemence GHW
    Hermes Evelyne III PM (29), etoupe Clemence PHW
    Chanel Coco Handle small, burgundy with GHW
    Celine Cabas Phantom with belt, small black

    Shoulder bag, 2 hand held bags with straps, cross body and a tote.
  12. I...can't...do...it...:panic:
  13. Chanel woc
    Chanel mini rectangular
    LV alma bb (only because I have anthracite color which is so hard to get, if I have other color then maybe I’ll pick my celine nano luggage)
    Hermes picotin 18
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    Mine would be:
    Louis Vuitton Palm springs mini
    Louis Vuitton palm springs PM in Wild Animal print
    Louis Vuitton Escale Large Kirigami ( count as purse since I converted it into a cross body bag) :biggrin:
    Senreve Mini maestra in White
    Polene Numero Un Nano in pebbled Navy
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  15. Coach turnlock curb chain whiplash Dakotah in black
    vintage Coach Sonoma pocket drawstring in red
    Balenciaga velo in bleu lavande
    These are my top three. There are tons more that I love but I can't decide in what order I love them.
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