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PS1 front clasp repair (photos for reference)

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  1. I wanted to cry when the front clasp on my PS1 "broke" a couple of weeks ago. I carry my Large Black PS1 all the time (I would estimate around 500 wears!)... and always with the clasp closed. I need the clasp closed because I do reach for the bag by the top handle quite often. If the clasp isn't closed, then the main body gapes open when you grab the top handle.

    The clasp is secured in place by two screws. One of the screws, while still threaded, had somehow loosened itself completely free from the hardware. Okay, I thought, I just need to get to the head of the screw so I can twist it back in to place.


    Easier said than done.

    I did some digging around inside the outer pocket, and confirmed the backing for the clasp is secured under the lining. I gave a brief thought to taking the bag in to the cobbler to see about a repair, but ultimately decided to try it myself. (I didn't want to give up the bag for weeks at a time!)


    I held my breath, used a small knife, and cut in to the lining. I cut an opening roughly 1/4" across, directly behind the screw that came unscrewed.


    The screw is tiny! It doesn't have a head, per se, but is slotted so one can use a tiny screwdriver to screw it back in to place. I used the screwdriver from my eyeglasses repair kit. It was easy after all. While I had the equipment out, I went ahead and cut the lining just a touch more, and used the wider opening to access and tighten up the second screw.


    Mission accomplished! Just wanted to share to show this issue can be easily repaired at home. I gave some consideration to sticking back up the lining, but since I only use that particular pocket as phone storage, I think it will be fine as it is. I can repair it later if the opening starts to expand.
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  2. You did a great job! :tup: As for the cut, my XL that I bought pre-loved a few months ago has a cut about 1,5 cm long in the fabric right behind the clasp. When I saw it I assumed the clasp broke off at one point and was repaired through that cut. I don't feel it with my fingers nine out of ten times when I reach into the pocket for my phone or my earphones, and it hasn't enlarged from what I can tell since I've had the bag. So I think yours will be just fine.

    Nice to see someone wearing and enjoying their PS1 so much. All in all, how do you think it held up after such extensive use?