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Prada Australia

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  1. Going to bump this thread!!
    Does anyone know the price for the Mini Galleria Saffiano Lux Tote in Australia?!?
    Also what are other Prada bags that come in a 'mini' size? Been looking for a cute small red bag 😜
  2. I got a call on Wednesday saying there will be 30% off selected items starting Thursday. They must be doing their annual sale again but i haven't been able to check it out. Anyone been who knows what's on sale? :smile:
  3. so the sale has already started? can someone please report what's on sale this time? :smile:
  4. Any news on the sale? Prada is pretty far from where i live
  5. is sale in the boutiques usually 30% off for bags and shoes? i thought it used to be 40% off in boutiques..? thanks
  6. It's selected stock so usually the limited edition styles and less popular ones. The boutiques have a lot more than DJs. It's always 30% off from the last 2 years i've checked it out. Not sure if it's on shoes, i think it's only on bags. Not even wallets from what i remember. I'm going tonight :biggrin: Don't plan to get anything but see what's there hehe
  7. oh i was hoping it would be 40%. let us know what you find!
  8. Definitely seems like i got there late because didn't seem like anything was on sale.
    From what i remember... a few nylon hot pink,... nylon blue bags... in side pouch styles. A blue print nylon tote and backpack.
    There were some wallets in a patent square quilt ziparound...navy and hot pink... i think there was one plain black tri-fold rectangular wallet with the triangle prada logo because there was a little card holder in same design i was interested in.
    There was a few empty shelves in the prada sydney boutique so they must have sold out.
    The only nice bags were some mini ones which look like the double calf tote which i already have. Its really too small to be a funtional everyday bag though and there was a larger army green front one with the sides all black which i think was nice... also a beige-tan version.

    I saw some people looking at a double calf tote which was a forest army green... they were at the sale section and was being told its the last one. That probably would have been the best thing to buy. The sale was worst that last year from what i can see. Last year even 3 weeks after i remember the boutique having plenty of nice bags still.

    Anyways would be nice if someone had photos from the beginning :O What i saw wasn't worth taking photos of.


    http://www.prada.com/content/dam/prada-ecommerce/images/grids/grid-70/B2861K_2AIX_F098L-1.gif/_jcr_content/renditions/original (i think it was this design with navy and white also on sale)

    http://www.prada.com/content/dam/prada-ecommerce/images/grids/grid-60/BT0992_2A4A_F0632-1.gif/_jcr_content/renditions/original (saw this in a bright orange)

    http://www.prada.com/content/dam/prada-ecommerce/images/grids/grid-50/BT1031_2AO6_F0002-1.gif/_jcr_content/renditions/original (i believe i saw this with a hot pink version too)

    http://www.prada.com/content/dam/prada-ecommerce/images/grids/grid-80/BZ0032_2ADJ_F0SGD-1.gif/_jcr_content/renditions/original (the blue version of this and in a tote style)
  9. Does anyone know how much the BN2316 retails for? It used to be $1830 as I heard and was wondering if it has changed at all?
  10. Just call any of the Prada store in Australia and the SA will happily tell you the retail price over the phone.
  11. hi guys does anyone know the current price of bn2863? i'm planning to purchase one in a few weeks :biggrin::biggrin:
  12. Current price for BN2863 is AU $2590. I just purchased it recently! Which colour r u planning to get?
  13. i'm still deciding on black, grey or pale grey. what colour did you get? :smile: