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Poll: Capucines BB

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  1. Which color: galet vs. magnolia? Please vote :smile:
  2. Pics would probably get more replies.

    Do you need a neutral? If so, galet. If not, magnolia.
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  3. Magnolia
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  4. Galet :smile:
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  5. Pink is magnolia
    Beige-Grey is galet

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  6. Galet gets my vote. The silver hardware on the Magnolia hurts my eyes.
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  7. I would go for the galet as it is a great neutral.
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  8. Magnolia-it‘s beautiful!
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  9. Galet :heart:
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  10. Magnolia-its the most elegant shade of pink I have seen.
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  11. I was deciding between these two when I bought mine. I chose Magnolia, I love pink and it's a beautiful elegant soft pink so still Neutral to go with anything .I get a lot of compliments on the bag and also the colour. I find the galet looks grey in some light and dont' like that.
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  12. Another vote for Galet.
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  13. Magnolia :flowers:
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  14. Galet for fall winter, pink for spring summer-both!
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  15. Galet!:smile:
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