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Pochette Metis-Infos,stock,Wait time

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  1. I finally got one!!! I was refreshing the website every 5 minutes all morning and I found one in Reverse!! So excited!!!
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  2. Yay!!! Congrats :smile:
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  3. So awesome! Congrats!!!
  4. Post a reveal when you get it and first impressions ;)
  5. I will! It already shipped! I still can't believe I got one...I totally thought I'd end up having to get it from a reseller. I'm so happy I took everyone's advice and just kept trying!
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  6. Hi there
    I’ve finally got my PM Reverse
    So happy!! Also bought the bandana.
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  7. Just saw 2 pochette metis mono and 1 reverse at the nyc 5 av store!
  8. You might get lucky and find a PM mono if you go early morning in the boutique as they do sell fast.
    However the PM in mono reverse if nowhere to be found here in Paris....
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  9. Pochette Metis in Monogram - still place in cart US site. Saw Monogram Reverse Canvas place in cart today as well but now it is Call for Avaibility.
  10. As of right now 10:32 on 7/25 the Reverse is available on the website and if not try calling customer service number. Just ordered mine!
  11. Please let me know if you guys see PM monogram in stock!!! I’m sooo desperate to buy! Went to Lv almost everyday while in Hawaii looking for one :sad: I ended up buying Palm Springs mini in reverse!
  12. Pm mono available us site
  13. Hi! I’m looking for a reverse mono if anyone sees place in cart TIA