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Pochette Metis-Infos,stock,Wait time

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  1. So frustrated because I want this bag in mono but just got this response from online:
    "Regrettably, the Monogram Canvas Pochette Metis is currently unavailable, both online and in Louis Vuitton stores. Due to the high demand for this piece, unfortunately, we cannot predict when it will be available again. As such, we regret that we are no longer adding names to the reservation list for this piece. We apologize for any disappointment this may cause."

    Any tips or should I just keep trying every few days?
  2. I know this point has already been made several times on the forum -- but it really, truly, works to stalk the website. I just snagged a mono PM in late January because it happened to pop up on the website when I refreshed it one evening. Don't give up! :smile:
  3. I stalked the website for two days for the reverse. It became available Monday afternoon around 1:50. I received it yesterday :smile:
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  4. Thank you!
  5. For anyone in Edinburgh/Scotland looking for a monogram PM I was in the Edinburgh store today and they had one. I left is as went for the rose poudre instead
  6. This is the exact same response I keep getting. I keep stalking the website but at this point am thinking 'why am I so obsessed over a canvas bag that's almost two grand?" May have to gear towards something else
  7. Has anyone seen a Reverse PM anywhere in London? I've been here all week but every time I go in and ask they just say no. It makes me wonder if its true or they're just not selling to me.
  8. My brother lives in London (Im in US) and I have him go to LV store every time he's near one and ask-they always tell him they dont have any. Even at the airport too-none
  9. Place in cart right now in USA
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  10. I saw that too.
  11. Darn it! I wish I was younger and out partying til 2am-then I could've snagged the PM! Sadly, I was asleep
  12. Showing available.
  13. I just called CS to ask about the RPM and they immediately said yes and agreed to ship it to me. I'm still kind of shell shocked at what just happened! If anyone's looking, just call them up and hopefully things will work in your favour!
  14. Hi!
    Anyone who was able to score it on the German online shop in the last 2-3 months? I have kept stalking there page but nothing! :sad:
  15. Hi,
    sorry ... no. I‘ve done the same... nothing. They only have the empreinte in all colors every once in a while!:frown: