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Pochette Metis-Infos,stock,Wait time

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  1. I know! Sometimes it’s a lot of work but worth it when you get the item....congrats on the reverse pochette metis! You will lvoe it! :smile:
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  2. Thank you!!! I can't wait to get my hands on it... I know I'm a bit late but I've never been lucky on getting one.
  3. Which country are you from?
  4. So excited for you to get it..I hope you love it!!!
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  5. I'm in the US.
  6. So kind of you to share my excitement, thank you so much! :heart::hbeat:
    I have been stalking the forums so I've been a little wary of the potential quality issues with stitching, puffiness, pattern alignment... Hopefully I'll get a good one. :biggrin:
  7. I hope you do, let us know when you get it!
  8. I managed to get my hands on one last week rather easily. I popped into the Sydney CBD store two weeks before hand and asked on the off chance they had one but the lady on the door advised they didn't but would take my name and number and call me when one came in - two weeks later I got the call from her and went in and paid for it and took it home. For reference this was my first LV purchase so don't have a history with them or with a certain SA.
  9. Omg amazing! I might just do the same! Did you go to the George Street store?
  10. Yes, it was the George Street store. I did initially go during the week after lunchtime so it was a bit quieter and maybe that was why it was easier to get my details taken rather than during a busy period as I have asked a few times before but always just been told no with no offer to let me know when one comes in. Good luck!
  11. LV called on Friday to say they had a space, I had to pay in full but I am so happy that even if it still takes ages, I know I will get one The person said that they have 5 spaces and it typically takes anything between 2 days to 3 weeks to get one once on the list. He also said that they have never been told anything about it being discontinued. I think the stock issues are probably artificial to create and maintain hype.
  12. Hi guys!

    After chasing the Pochette Metis Monogram for 2 years, LV finally put me on their waiting list!
    They told me that it can take 3 to 4 months before they have the bag. I only wonder if someone can tell me if your on the waiting list if there still is a possibility that the bag can still be canceled? Or can you really assume that you get the bag? I am also wondering what you guys did to get your hands on the Pochette Metis? Please share your story :smile:
  13. I phoned the website customer service to ask to be put on the waiting list a couple of weeks ago, they said they had no spaces but would take my details and call me when a space became available (they said I would have to pay the full price as a 'deposit' if a space did come up). About a week after this, they phoned me to say they had a space and I paid for it then. And today I received an email to say that it is on its way to me :yahoo:
    This only took about 3 weeks in total so fingers crossed you get yours much earlier than the time they have given you. I guess it depends how many people on your wait list though and if you pre-paid? Are you on waitlist at a store or online?

    Good luck!!! :smile:
  14. Hi Sammy1987!

    So nice to hear that your bag is on its way! :biggrin: Unfortunately I did not ask how many people are on the waiting list.
    They put me on the waitlist online and the woman from the customer service told me she would call me asap when the bag is ready! She told me this would be a phone order, after the bag is paid they will send it to my address. I am so excited!! ^^
    I really hope you enjoy your bag! :heart:
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  15. Thank you! Sending lots of good luck vibes to you, I hope you get it sooner than you expect :heart: