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Please help

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  1. Just bought a preloved 2.55 serial no. 12...... The bottom of the bag is hard and cannot be fold like the new ones in store. Wondering the bottom of the bag back that time is hard? or this is a fake one?
  2. Attach pictures. Many people mistake 2.55 with classic flap and jumbo. Plus depends on leather
  3. Hi Glazkova, thanks for responding. Attached please find a few pictures of my bag. Awaiting your feedback. Thank you!

    Attached Files:

  4. From these pictures looks good. It’s 2.55 aged leather. But I would like to see the inside details. Does a bag has serial number sticker inside ? It’s transparent sticker inside somewhere. (Usually u should not remove it. I do and guess some people might). When you touch the authentic Chanel bag , everything is perfect: lines, sticking, it’s just u can’t find anything that is not perfect. And smells like leather as well. It can deform a bit, Chanel doesn’t keep perfect shape once you use it or depends where it was stocked before.
  5. If it has serial number sticker 100% authentic. Actually I think it is. It’s easy to say when you touch the leather, because copies can’t copy it and Chanel writing. From pictures I think it is authentic.