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Please help me find...the Official thread

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  1. Let think. about this thread for a bit....
    I would like to ask the "finders" to please quote the post from the searcher. Also, please no selling on forum. If you have one on ebay, you can paste a link to the sale thread.

    When you are asking for help finding something, please post as many photos as possible and a good description. If you have an example of the tag, please include that too. Some folks here have an idetic memory (yes, like Dr. Sheldon Cooper) and have amassed a huge brain repository of style codes.

    Please try to stay on topic, feel free to chit-chat on the Chat thread.
  2. Not saying this is the only way to do it at all, but on the Bal thread its pretty casual. An example might be "looking for a F/W 2005 Z tag black City, excellent condition only".
    If you saw one in your online perusal, you'd hit reply to that post with the link. I don't think we're allowed to post our own links as that contravenes tPF rules? Although you'd know more on that than I would.
  3. Hello, dear BV-ettes!
    calling for your kind help
    i lost my lanyard and my red dog charm, which i am missing dearly :sad:
    i have found a replacement for lanyard (the same as i had) but no dogs left in our area, and my SA told me there are some in Leccio The Mall, in Florence
    just in case if anyone by any chance travels that way, please, do let me know, we can figure out the logistics
    or, just in case if you see one online for sale, please, alert me
    new, or used, no matter, but it has to be China Red and look decent (same as in the pic)
    thank you heaps in advance! X

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  4. I’m trying to find a Nodini in the larger medium size- I think it’s 12” width compared to the smaller size which is 9”. I’d prefer black or a darker colour. Does anyone know where I could find one? If you could point me in the right direction that would be amazing! I feel like I’ve searched everywhere both retail and pre owned and haven’t found one.
  5. There is a sticky in the BV Shopping subforum dedicated to "Help Me Find" questions.
    It's here:
    The larger sized Nodini Messenger was only offered for one season (Fall 2013) I believe - maybe two. There aren’t many of them around because there weren't many made.
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  6. i posted a link to one listing in the 'Finds...' thread, did you see that?
  7. p.s. oh, rats! that's sold out...
  8. Thanks anyways, hopefully one pops up!
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  9. Help me find a black Nodini/ Pillow bag in size medium (12” across)
    I posted in the main forum as well not realizing this thread existed.

    Thanks for your help!
  10. Cristina from BV outlets in Woodbury Commons NY just posted one.
  11. 995EAAD6-2783-4403-98FF-D1B0692EAA4E.png I don’t know what the shipping policy is though.

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  12. thanks a bunch!! i already got one, and one more is on the way! (i know, i know :lol:)