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Pictures of Fake LV-Read guidelines before posting

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  2. IMG_7799.JPG

    Sighted at the airport. Tried but failed to get a close up of "Palermo" where the leather tab in front had yucky wrinkling and didn't sit flat on the canvas.
  3. My husband was in the hospital for a week and a half and while visiting him, I was in shock when I saw counterfeit LV, Gucci, etc goods being sold down a corridor from the lobby of the hospital. You were only able to enter this area if you had a pass to see someone.

    I was in shock. I wanted to say something but I didn’t. I picked up a few of the LV items (Pallas clutch, Favorite, Neverfull) and you can feel the difference in the canvas.

    Although I didn’t say anything to the person selling this counterfeit stuff. I did report them.

    Here are a few snapshots I took inconspicuously.

    FABAD7B6-70BC-49C7-8850-20B17427D37A.jpeg A5DAFE45-0380-4C4E-A851-2A094D37EEF4.jpeg 514396C2-2D26-475F-AABA-8A8C9242AA19.jpeg 97FB9AF6-FC28-47FF-B5F5-7AA5F8F1705D.jpeg

    This is crazy. How would the hospital let them get away with doing this???

    I was so appalled and disgusted I didn’t even ask for prices!
  4. What kind of hospital is this?! Lol

    What happened to the good old gift shop? Lol
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  5. They do have a gift shop as you walk in. :smile:

    It’s a memorial hospital in Suffolk county, New York. I only saw this stuff on a Friday.
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  6. This is all so interesting. Hopefully you can keep us posted as to whether it will be shut down.

    Sorry to hear about your husband, hope all is well now.
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  7. Thank you sweetie. :hugs: My husband is home now; however I haven’t heard anything from the government site where I reported it.
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  8. :whut: Counterfeit designer bags sold at a hospital? That´s just a bit bizarre :lol:.
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    It's such a weird combination - hospital and counterfeit leather goods.

    (I have to ask, in the plastic bin on the left, the Gucci zip key ring wallets, does legit Gucci actually make that zip pouch thing in more than one style? On their site I can only find a brown version which I am stalking!!)

    Good for you to report the counterfeit! Keep us updated!!!

    Edit: Glad everything is okay with your husband!!
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    Out of all the possible locations for a set up...at a hospital?!:lol: guess the corner of the streets aint cuttin it no mo
  11. So unexpected! Hope your husband is doing better. You’re liking a superwoman, taking care of your husband and taking down criminals at the same time!
  12. glad husband is on the mind. that is insane and against the law....
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  13. This is in New York? So weird. I haven't been to a hospital in ages. When did things change this much?
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  14. Omg. It’s crazy. If I wasn’t into designer goods, it wouldn’t bother me because i would’ve not known.